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3D Baseball Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

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Learn how to make a 3D baseball cake in this video tutorial.
Wilton Sports Ball Pan Set: http://amzn.to/1t1ovLg

• Cake batter (6 cups)
• Sport ball cake pan
• 8″ square cake pan
• Green buttercream, tip 233
• White buttercream, tips 5, and 16
• Red buttercream tip 14
• Brown buttercream tip 47

1. Prepare cake batter and grease pans.
2. Fill each ball dome 2/3 full, and add remaining batter to the square pan.
3. Bake in a preheated oven for 60 minutes for the dome cake, and 25-35 for the square cake.
4. Allow cake to cool completely before icing.
5. Cover square cake in green buttercream. Measure a one inch border around the cake, and pipe a double line with the brown buttercream.
6. Add a thin line of white buttercream (#5 tip) down the middle of the brown stripes for the foul line.
7. Using the white buttercream, pipe three square bases at three of the corners.
8. On the forth corner, pipe a five sided shape for home plate.
9. Using the green buttercream (tip 233) pipe grass over the green areas of the cake. The field portion is now finished.
10. For the baseball part of the cake, cover one dome in white buttercream. Place that portion into the centre of the field. Apply a layer of buttercream to the middle of the ball. Place the second dome on top of the first dome.
11.Using a cake rod, insert rod from top to bottom to stabilize the cake.
12. Cover the ball entirely in white buttercream.
13. Following the shape of the stitches on a baseball, use a toothpick to etch the shape into the icing.
14. Alternating between red (#14) and white (#16) icings, follow the etched line.
15. On each red star, add two more stars in on either side of the initial one to form the shape of a stitch. Repeat for all red stars.
16. Cover the rest of the cake entirely in white stars.
17. Serve when ready. Store in a sealed container in the fridge for 2-3 days.

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