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5 Mental Health Stigmas That Need to Go! | Decoded | MTV

There are over 40,000,000 Americans that suffer from mental health issues. That’s almost 1 in 5 people! So why does getting the help you need from a mental health professional feel any different than going to a doctor? Well, that’s because there are a lot of stigmas and myths surrounding mental health. In this week’s episode of Decoded, we talk about a few of them that we just don’t need to hear anymore.

Want to learn more about mental health? Visit Half of Us, MTV’s hub for mental health:

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Mental Health Myths

The Problems With 13 Reasons Why

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  1. Want to learn more about mental health? Visit Half of Us, MTV’s hub for mental health: http://www.halfofus.com/

  2. I agree with this video's points but unfortunately the only mentally ill people I've came into contact with were violent.

  3. Tranny Franny is partly responsible for the mental health stigma with her “white fragility”-chant

  4. 400million is not almost 1 in 5 600 million is closer

  5. This is the best most useful video, Franchesca. Good job MTV for having her at the helm.

  6. Ugh, I thought I'd stumbled across that rarest of all things, a Decoded video which isn't racist, cretinous bile. Until I hear 'I managed my depression using fitness and meditation!' Yes Francesca, you're so perfect. All you needed is a little run around and some yoga. Another delightful way to make people with real mental health issues requiring medication feel worse.

  7. I actually agree with this video in general. Wow…

  8. This made me so happy I cried. I love it.

  9. alot of people claim they have mental health problems so they get more time on the SAT. often they are not actually diagnosed medically. this is sad becaus eit gives people with actual disorders a bad name because there are waaay more fake-people than people with actual disorders.

  10. I thinks this video was more genuine because it did not envolve postmodernist rethoric. I wish her a good recovery and I hope she finds time to dig the subject because postmodernists and their reduction of every problem to a power struggle is simplistic from a philosophical standpoint and so because people feel alienated by this rethoric and rightfully so she end up making a bad case for her own values that are quiet noble. I think she is a good person and I really want to see her shine but I'm afraid she can't do that with her actual philosophical tools.

  11. Good video. A lot less condescending than normal.

  12. Dear Fran-cheese-skank, making skin color your only centralizing feature is a disorder.

  13. Remember when "Music Television" used to actually have and focus on MUSIC? I do.

  14. Won't date a crazy chick? YOU'RE SEXIST and HAVE TO GO!

  15. What kinds of idiots say mental health problems are 'white problems'?! Is that a thing,?

  16. wow i always thought that some mental health problems had "violent outbursts" as part of the criteria for being diagnosed with certain illnesses, who knew Franny and MTV knew better than those silly psychologists.

  17. Wait so, upcoming Hollywood screenwriters do your homework and… make movies about people with mental illness being victimized? Yeah that sounds like a box office hit

  18. Just a tip from someone who sought help and got put on medications and diagnosed within the time frame of a 30 minute appointment – BE CAREFUL. I don't care who you are or what you have, please stay away from SSRI's. This is coming from someone who is currently at week 2 of withdrawl symptoms and it is one of the worst things ive experienced in my life… and i gave birth to my daughter in my bedroom with no medication. Please research drugs that you are being told to take and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay away from SSRI's.

  19. I bet if she also included the fact that marginalized minorities are more likely to suffer from metal illness and/or have the resources to deal with mental illness then these people would have still hated on her (more than they are right now)

  20. I actually liked this one. Good job Franchesca!

  21. Racism is a mental health issue

  22. Burn in hell Franchesca you raxist whore.

  23. In all sincerity, I would like to FINALLY provided a like to this DECODED video. Well done Francesca! You addressed an issue that affects all human beings and provided some good information about how to seek help. Please make more videos on topics that address the issues of all human beings. No matter how different we may be, when people understand how similar we are in our joys and suffering, we begin to see eachother's humanity and thus VALUE the other. That is how hatred and racism is defeated. I guarantee that you when you drop the race-bating, invalidation, blame, all that SJW crap people are sick of, and start producing videos about how human beings share the same problems and provide peaceful solutions, your approval ratings will improve. Trust me, when you stop blaming my skin color for evil in society and start valuing my humanity, I will be your next fan.

  24. I was surprised to learn that white folks can have mental health issues too. I was SHOCKED to learn that whites aren't to blame for minorities having mental health issues.

  25. As a person with psychosis, I appreciate those stories where people with psychosis kill people, because I should have all the information, so I can make decisions; like whether or not to have kids. Keep going screenwriters!

  26. Wow this a good video, lets see how long this last

  27. Hmm when shes not bashing whites its kinda boring.

  28. She is a piece of garbage

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