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A New Nutritional Approach to Type 2 Diabetes – Dr. Neal Barnard

Recorded at VegMed 2016 / Aufgenommen beim VegMed 2016
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  1. My elderly mother went to the doctor's office and said she was transitioning to a vegan diet. He supported it whole-heartedly and told her she's now eating the way we were intended to eat. He made many of the same points as this video did. Since then, she's reversed her prediabetes, lowered her cholesterol, and eased the pain and inflammation of her osteoarthritis. It really works, folks. Both my mother and I have reaped the benefits of a plant-based diet. We will never go back to our old eating habits.

  2. I'm type 2 diabetic – all the vegan diet did for me in 6 months was make me a diabetic vegan. I really like you Dr. Barnard but veganism is the worst way for a diabetic to eat. We must be realistic.

  3. Why do the Paleo diet and Keto diet people say fat is good fuel. I thought optimal fuel for our bodies is glucose. Fat is reserve fuel but not first stage fuel right?

  4. Very well put. Just 1 thing. I know too many people with gluten problems ranging from small children up. This is a serious problem. Wether you believe it or conventional wheat in at least the U.S is and has been genetically altered for over 50 years. This can not be a good thing. Look it up. Redefine your pancakes, pastas and breads please. Please go organic as much as you can. It is your life and your health. You are the one who suffers in the end as well as your family.

  5. Very nice presentation. I will start 100% vegan diet right from now. Thanks Dr. Barnard

  6. Oh Neal Barnard war in Berlin? Wie cool. Wenn er mal wieder spricht, versuche ich da mal hinzukommen.
    Habe gerade nach einem Video gesucht, da mir mal wieder jemand erzählen wollte, dass Diabetes nichts mit Fett und insbesondere Tierprodukten in der Ernährung zu tun hätte (oder besser gesagt einen "Beweis" gefordert hat), aber nicht die 2 Sekunden investieren wollte, das in der Suchzeile einzugeben….
    Jedenfalls hat Neal Barnard gute Kommunikationsfähigkeiten, fand seine Bücher sehr gut 🙂

  7. I was so used to pain that I had lost perspective of what it was to feel good. After four month of plant based whole foods I was shocked . I have so much energy that I have had to re plan all of my days. When I get up in the night to use the restroom, I don't walk like Frankenstein with pain in my joints. I practically float with ease! Honestly , one month into it I had a significant difference. My Lupus, Fibromyalgia and rheumatoid are all a thing of the past. You don't have to tell me twice. I'm living proof that animal products are bad. Your body doesn't want them.

  8. Why is it in a video Dr. Greger describes how over thousands of people over many studies points out there was no differences in deaths from the major killers between vegetarians and meat eaters. Why is it that your data comes up with different conclusions? Who's data is correct? Or does it just depend on who is manipulating the data? Obviously one conclusion has to be wrong. Correlation does not prove causation. The rate of bottled water went during that same time. Perhaps it is the intake of plastic for instance. You guys have thoroughly confused this new vegetarian. Help me out here.

  9. Condescending. Good information but makes people who are learning look stupid. I realize he is preaching to his choir, but I find his speaking style "holier than thou". Ew.

  10. One of the preeminent researcher organizations on health issues is the Mayo Clinic, and according to their website:

    "Type 2 diabetes develops when the body becomes resistant to insulin or when the pancreas stops producing enough insulin. Exactly why this happens is unknown, although genetics and environmental factors, such as excess weight and inactivity, seem to be contributing factors."

    It ain't the meat, or the dairy. What we do know thanks to over half a dozen studies done on those who had some form of stomach size reduction or bypass via surgery is that within three weeks of eating 600/800 calories of mostly meat and fat in their walnuts sized stomachs type 2 diabetes disappears long before substantial weight loss.

  11. My boys have been amazing and want to change their meat eating habits along with me. Can boys take GMO soy such as tofu and soy products? I am worried esp my older boy doesn't eat lots of vegetables. He does eat a raw green salad a day but I find it hard to sustain.

  12. Perfect! What a sensible presentation with a good structure, content, visuals and humor!

  13. This guy looks smart but sais stupid things lol. He talks about cholesterol like it's a bad thing… And he talks sooooo slow man!

  14. Which oil should I get. Coconut and sesami oil?

  15. Make no mistake folks, this man is promoting veganism for moral reasons, NOT because it is nutritionally superior or better at reversing diabetes. His diet is certainly great in a lot of ways and far better than the average american diet, but not the best. He claims its the best because of a belief system, which I am also ok with. Being vegan for moral and spiritual reasons is great, I fully support that and think the world could use more people like that, but eating high carb low fat vegan is NOT THE BEST DIABETES DIET. He's cherry picking data, citing small pilot studies and making irrational assumptions. Look towards the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and resistance training to fix insulin and glucose issues. By the way, all this you can do while being a vegan.

  16. Great humanitarian , great doctor . I thank you from the bottom of my hart for all of us the sick , that got sick for being uninformed and uneducated . Walter

  17. Interesting research, but my question is how a vegan diet can help with increasing muscle mass when the amount of protein is so low from this diet?
    Considering that protein is such an important macronutrient with different functions in the body and that having more muscle mass will help to burn and lose weight, am curious to know how can this work for muscle mass increase, thanks

  18. Neal Barnard you make our panties wet!!!

  19. is it true our liver produces cholestrol does it mean our body needs cholestroll…..need some reasearch..

  20. people who eat proper chicken without breads are gaining muscle and people who eat bergers with obese understand the difference..insulin spikes when we sugar not fat i think u lack basics…there is book says fat donot trigger insulin

  21. My grandfather says he will give this diet a try. WHAT is the best video to show him how to go about it??? replies would be appreciated

  22. i am a diabetic male from Iraq, this is the first time see this doctor and listen to him i was shocked, i am so happy now , i do not know what should i say to this perfect one who really care for our health , i have one thing to say to this man , god bless you and may Allah gives him a better life with his family , i used to believe ,american doctors all of them just care about money i was wrong , now i believe strongly they are not , all my respect for this man , this man should be blessed by whole global.

  23. Please help me understand. Is lowering the fat in the cells through weight loss the goal? And it is easier on a vegan diet?

  24. every doctor nutritionist and those in between have never talked or commented on kefir and yet people in the Caucasus area have been using this as medicine maybe they do not know about it

  25. Why don't more doctors teach this? Yeah, I know Big Pharma…but so what. Doctors should do the RIGHT thing and heal their patients. Isn't it unethical not to heal them if they know a cure for diabetes?

  26. He is able to explain scientific things to people (like me) that never studied science. And I understand it. It takes a smart person to do that. Dr. Bernard is changing the world along with all the other big name doctors in Plant Based diets. I wonder if "specialists" in diabetes have ever even watched Dr. Bernard's lectures!

    So true , you feel hopeless , broken , without a fight.

  28. can i segest a whole food plant based low fat diet to a very very slim person?

  29. to think this doctor is 63 years old? And he's not even a vegan his whole life. No wonder people who are vegans from an early age live as long as oak trees. They don't die!

  30. So simple, clear and easy to understand and thanks in particular for mentioning animals and the environment at the end
    nothing but great content

  31. I eat plant sausage, better than animal based sausage.

  32. I loved the way he speaks so clearly for his foreign audience, and reiterates words which are easy to confuse like 70% and 17%. Also, 'if it (cheese) was any worse, you would be eating petroleum'. haha!

  33. Every CEO of every pharmaceutical company selling diabetes type 2 medication should be given an ultimatum:

    Encourage veganism on the packets of your medicine (like cigarette packets do with warning against smoking)


    Go to jail.


    The companies profiting from OUR sickness SHOULD be STOPPED before we as a SPECIES can not afford this DISEASE.


    Expose the people who deceive the public by recommending a low carb diet.


  34. The people in Colorado seem to be healthier than anyone else!

  35. Not only the contents he speaks but also the tone of his voice has a healing effect.

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