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AHS12 Peter Attia, MD — The Straight Dope on Cholesterol

The slides for Dr. Attia’s talk may be viewed at http://slidesha.re/WJCokS

Please visit ancestralhealth.org for more information.

Cholesterol is one of the most misunderstood molecules in the human body. Much like fire, it can be an essential tool for life, if used properly, or a destructive force if allowed to run amok. In this presentation, Peter Attia will explain how the body creates, moves, and utilizes this vital molecule and how what you eat can tip the balance in your favor. By the end of this talk you’ll know more about cholesterol than 99% of the physicians in this country.

Peter Attia is the President and co-founder of the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI), a California-based 501(c)(3). Peter is also a physician and former McKinsey & Company consultant, where he was a member of both the corporate risk and healthcare practices. Peter earned his M.D. from Stanford University and holds a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where he also taught and helped design the calculus curriculum.


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  1. He skipped a key point — how does the LDL get through/under the epithelium in the first place?

  2. In layman’s terms, please!

  3. instead of showing "audience reactions" , it would be much more useful to show the slides he's talking about. No ? Is it just me ?

  4. So the question is, how do we get this information to the mainstream. The ones preached too to, 'eat your healthy grains, the food pyramid and myplate & low fat, etc…'? I love the videos by Dr. Attia, Dr. Patrick, Dr. D'agostino, and so many others but, sadly, they are preaching to the choir.

  5. Forgive me for not having 39minutes to watch the entire presentation. I'm currently on a Ketogenic diet. Do I have to worry about cholesterol or not? I'm eating meats heavy in fat mostly every day.

  6. Will Lp(a) and LP-PLA2 tell you the same thing on a blood panel? My Lp(a) is <5 mg/dL. I'm the "person" you mentioned at the end of the video on a restricted sugar diet (paleo/primal). My Non-HDL Particles are 994 nmol/L. Total LDL Particles of 967. Triglycerides 65.

  7. I can't stop watching this… this is so geeky.

  8. http://aje.oxfordjournals.org/content/95/1/26.short ATHEROSCLEROSIS IN THE MASAI
    'The hearts and aortae of 50 Masai men were collected at autopsy. These pastoral people are exceptionally active and fit and they consume diets of milk and meat. The intake of animal fat exceeds that of American men. Measurements of the aorta showed extensive atherosclerosis with lipid infiltration and fibrous changes but very few complicated lesions. The coronary arteries showed intimal thickening by atherosclerosis which equaled that of old U.S. men.'

  9. If you think Cholesterol and saturated fat are harmful, just look at Peter Attia, and Gary Traubes, they both look very healthy and strong for their age. 

  10. The word 'meditated' in the slides should be 'mediated.'

  11. Wonderful presentation! Highly motivated speaker and lots of information and science data. Success!

  12. Link to the Slides in the description : http://slidesha.re/WJCokS 

  13. How about doing this again and this time let us see the diagrams and what it is you are talking about so we can identify with what you are talking about.

  14. sad, that only 21.342 people have seen this video

  15. Hey +AncestryFoundation, I suggest that you put an "annotation" at the beginning of this video to highlight the link to Dr. Attia's slides. The link is there in the description, but a lot of people (including me) seem to be missing it.

  16. Would have been really good with the diagrams :/

  17. show the slides instead of looking at him. 

  18. Stupid youtube won't let me post link but if you google slides and the title of this talk, you'll find his presentation

  19. "The straight dope" is that the preponderance of evidence points to the diet Mr. Attia espouses raising ApoB and CRP, and impairing flow-mediated dilatation. Read them if you have the balls, low carbers:

    "Comparative effects of three popular diets on lipids, endothelial function, and C-reactive protein during weight maintenance."
    "The effect of high-protein diets on coronary blood flow."
    "Low-carb diets impair flow-mediated dilatation: evidence from a systematic review and meta-analysis"

  20. There is no need for slides. Peter is talking common basic knowledge on the subject.

  21. Under the "About" tab, you can find the link to the slideshare.

  22. this guy looks like vin diesel.

  23. I want to see the slides!!!!

  24. Not saying you're wrong…just saying…CITATION NEEDED (-prof some guy doesn't count)

  25. There's a version on YouTube that also includes the slides. Search for the user drcldrcl.

  26. His definition of atherosclerosis is wrong.

  27. "Sucrose does not ordinarily raise plasma cholesterol.
    It does not raise plasma triglycerides if energy balance is maintained and sucrose compared with starch at usual intakes.
    There is no plausible mechanism from animal experiments whereby sucrose could lead to CHD.
    Experimentally induced atheroma in primates REGRESSES on very low fat, high sucrose diets.
    No prevention trial of CHD with sugar restriction has been completed, started, planned, or even contemplated."
    – Prof. A. Stewart Truswell

  28. I worry more about pollutants in food instead of cholesterol so I would prefer to limit my wild seafood to either monthly or zero (just rely on vitamin b12 supplements). The healthier pre industrial food can no longer be replicated bec of overpopulation and pollutants are now everywhere even in antarctica and each of the food items we consume have to be evaluated for benefits and risks using current science. The war time or post war time healthy okinawa diet is also hard to replicate now.

  29. Unprocessed food omnivore diet will probably be more popular if it can help prevent hair loss & can help grow hair. The government has no minimum requirement for cholesterol so I don't go out of my way to get more cholesterol. I am still getting some cholesterol in my diet from my weekly seafood (wild clams usually). My guess is it is safer to let the body make the cholesterol as needed to avoid too much cholesterol. Have not heard much about many people having trouble making cholesterol.

  30. Yeah – check out Dr Attia's series (the straight dope on C) on this topic in his blog – The Eating Academy – I found the slides I was looking for there
    Dr Attia – thanks for the work you are doing to make all of this understandable

  31. reliberal: this comment area doesn't allow web links; however, if you go to Slidesharet and type in Peter Attia in the search field, you should find the presentation.

  32. Can you post the link then?

  33. Slide show is available on Slideshare

  34. Great talk, thanks for the video

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