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Akala “Mental Health And Depression In Music” #INTROSPECTION (@AmaruDonTV)

http://www.amarudontv.com Part 3 of Akala’s “INTROSPECTION” with Amaru Don TV. We detail the important issue of Mental Health and depression affecting musicians as well as the wider community.

Watch Part 1 https://youtu.be/ImgYogIQHDY
Watch Part 2 https://youtu.be/N07aA-PN1pU
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Get your physical copies of Akala’s music here http://Akala.tmstor.es

Purchase Akala’s latest album “Knowledge Is Power, Vol. 2” on iTunes here https://itun.es/gb/gLkn6


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  1. Love Akala's insight for life in general…

  2. damn i get now how, my alcoholicism is a cycle of pain

  3. Your right about your liver and kindness

  4. The Chinese are going thour the same thing

  5. 'Do something against our spirit, your never happy' to true……………….. Say's it all.

  6. damn! how come he thought of my country first?!?

  7. I have labelled this racist as Mr accusatory….complete muppet!

  8. What a stupid cunt, so full of himself.

  9. Akala needs help from other black activist no man is an island

  10. "It's not blaming poverty, its recognizing the role poverty plays…."

  11. scouse communities. multi-cultural society the way forward

  12. He was talking about the depression in the fan base. Akala needs to realize what is about black men and which is just about young men. Every single thing he has said about "young black men" I have resonated with.

  13. Akala don't like foolishness fam

  14. please come teach my teachers at school..

  15. Great video, thank you for your positive energy.

    Blessings and Love,

  16. Only just discovered this guy but so glad I did!

  17. Being able to articulate yourself well, like akala, is an advantage, after all, it makes your communication to others and yourself much clearer.

  18. Who is his sister ? Akala

  19. I wish that that were more 'woke' Mixed Raced men and woke Black men in the UK.
    Id love to hear Akala talk about #Misogynoir against Black and Mixed Raced women in the uk and its effects on them eg. dating, hair, colourism etc

  20. The part how he was talking about having a problem with your liver is a connection to having deppression really spoke to me,made me wanna look at my diet and change things and exercise now the only problem with that is i need to find the will to take action.

  21. akala man you could host a radio talkback show i would tune in

  22. Really enjoyed these videos & would love to see more. Pure wisdom, once again.

  23. I wish Akala would put out a podcast or do a weekly vlog or something, mans views are too real.

  24. I also wanna add something to the discussion: What's sad is that the overwhelming cases of police brutality and violence in our communities has caused some black people to have post traumatic stress disorder as well. It's not something that only happens to war veterans. That's what's crazy!

    But other than that, great interview!

    Props to you, +Amarudontv!

  25. good interview…. said good things akala

  26. Man keep them coming I could listen to this guy talk all day!

  27. we have more mental problems because we lie to ourselves and each other that racism does not exist. Too many of us want to act as if hatred for dark skin isn't real. Worse still that we want to pretend that white culture isn't what's pushing racism and the dislike and animosity everyone's taught to have for Black people. When you see Black people acting the way they do towards other Black people, it's internalized white supremacist thinking at play. We are all poisoned

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