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Army Accepting Recruits With Mental Health Issues

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  1. Of course they will not mention to us Psychopaths on their recruiting list, Now they'll have legal army of Manchurian candidates unleashed on us. Where are human rights advocates to speak fr them?

  2. That Texas church shooter had mental issues but served some time in the military! And he was granted access to guns so see what happened in that case! Mental patients should NOT be allowed to serve in any military branch!

  3. As a Veteran, I'm really disappointed in hearing this. How will they now justify not allowing transgender soldiers? The Military is not a place for social experiments. They can't take care of the Veteran's and soldier's mental health; how will they handle people coming with mental health problems right from the go? Hello?!!! Smdh.

  4. 🐨Our military isn't stupid, so there's a method behind this madness.They had already informed president Trump about the liabilities of having transgenders serving in the military (mental disorder) now this type of admittance surfaces! I wouldn't want to be in the same regiment and or Platoon with these enlistees. Either they'll be assigned unfaltering duties ( tedious BS that other soldiers would be insulted to do) and or extremely high risk dangerous/suicidal campaigns. Just remember that lower your rank the more expendable you are to our (ANY) military.🐨

  5. It coincide wth th ex-army shooter at th Church they let loose. THE ARMY IS COVERING UP FR THEIR OPERATIONS, IT MUST BE WORST THEN WE THINK. FBI MUST BE DIGING DEEPER SO TH ARMY CAME UP SWIFTLY WTH TH NEWS OF (recruit of unstable ppl) TO KEEP TH OPERATION GOING AND LEGALY TOLERATED. THE PSYCHOPATHY IS OUT TH ROOF. Also heard they'll be chipping all soldiers making Manchurian candidates accepted then tell us well they were recruited as unstable anyway, so it's ok if u get killed by you own military to protect u. Monsters are using everything on us no matter how illogical it sounds as long as they get rid of us "legally".

  6. This isn’t new unfortunately.

  7. Hi Elizabeth. The draft was a lot different. There wasn't any questions regarding any ME issues in 1968. As a combat medic, I had some men in my platoon that were on the edge of me sending them back as unfit. I would probably have been over-ruled by the company medic, who would have been ordered by the CO or Platoon Lieutenant. One of my guys even threatened to kill me due to being forced to take the Sunday Malaria pill that gave him "the galloping trots". Most of us had them, but didn't want to kill the medic.

  8. What do you mean "Do I feel safer?" HELL NO!!!

  9. They will send the ones with mental health issues on the suicide missions.

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