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Ask a Plant-Based Cyclist: 1 of 12: General Nutrition Tips

In the first movie of the “Ask a Plant-Based Cyclist” movie series, I ask Category 1 Road Cyclist Matt Brophy general Nutrition tips for cyclists who are eating a plant-strong diet.

The Plant-Based lifestyle is the best way to live vibrantly and without chronic disease. NEVER diet, restrict calories or starve yourself again.

If you’re lost in a sea of information on becoming Plant-Based, connect with me through social media, ask questions OR sit down with me for a private wellness coaching session via my website.

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  1. @7min – Dates (then added nut/seed if want that extra fat/pro) Dates are as cal dense as sugar but with the added natural fibre fat/pro/micro-nutrients the body prefers.
    More processed more inflammation and oxidative stress (athletes enemy for recovery) but for an A race all gds!!😄👍

  2. Hi Ian. Really nice to see your videos again. Just to share I do myself a whole food banana bread. Super easy and really compact (i.e. no air/bubbles). So in a blender I will blend ripe bananas and cooked beetroot. Then in a microwave tub I will put whole meal flour, chopped dates & raisins. Add the blend to the flour to form a wet/moist dough. Then place tub in steamer for 30 mins. Really tasty compact healthy and I have been making it for years. For various reasons I also add ginger, cloves & mint but that's just me trying to make it even kinder to my body whilst working out.

  3. great video.
    do more interviews.
    ask matt about his training, etc

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