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Best Weight Loss Tips – 5 easy diet tips to lose weight

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In this video I give you 5 weight loss tips that work. These weight loss tips are perfect for anyone who has being trying to lose weight without success. Unlike most of the weight loss tips given by most professionals these weight loss tips get to the root of the problem.
What my weight loss tips cover
Weight loss tips –

Gut health
Control your hormones
Macronutrient intake
Cut carbs

Why are my weight loss tips different?
Some of my weight loss tips will be covered by other professionals but many people forget gut health when giving their top weight loss tips.
The gut is where it all happens. There has been research that has even proven that the health of your gut can affect your mood and emotions. Something this important should be included in everyone’s list of weight loss tips.

Other important weight loss tips to be covered in other videos

Thyroid health
Food additives

These three are important and when I do another video on weight loss tips these will have to be included. There are so many people that are not getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and the impact that this has on your adrenal glands and thyroid are profound.

Food additives directly affect your mood as there are certain things added to food that mimic hormones in your body that can cause you to feel good, happy and can you make you want that food even more. My next list of weight loss tips will explain this in more detail.

Are there any weight loss tips that I have missed? Please leave a comment

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