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Blood Pressure Health Rant

If you still think everyone in the world should have a blood pressure reading of 120/80 then you have to watch this. For a detailed explanation and the research to back everything I’ve said in this video check out the full length health talk on blood pressure.

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  1. You are Amazing. I have thought this way since I was a teen. My BP has always gone up and down… to the dismay of several physicians, so I began to understand how the body works in my 20’s. I am now 61, healthy, educated and soooooo happy to have found someone who verifies my sanity. You are my new go-to as I prepare to go back to school to attain my medical degree with the intention of sharing natural opportunities of physical and mental healing. Thank you Gazillions for sharing so freely!!! U ROCK Doc!!!!!

  2. wow great video thank you👍

  3. Dr Bergman, excellent health rant! I was curious on what your take is on the American Heart Association yesterday now classifying half of America has hypertensive?!!! Any reading over 130/80 now they say is Hypertension stage 1, and should be treated. I found this to be a rather amazing move, because 100 years of data in US and Europe had said the normal range of blood pressure was 100 to 140 systolic, and 60 to 90 diastolic. That was even before the cheezy "pre-hypertension" category was invented. It seems that by lowering the threshold for hypertension, Big Pharma needs more BP sales or something, kind of like how they lowered the Body Mass Index standards in 1998, where overnight half of American became overweight and obese, and should be treated. LOL $$$

  4. My GF has hypertension, and is told hers is Hereditary and in her case, to lower sodium intake.. and caffeine makes her feel palpitations… and if she gets very upset/angry and holds it in, she feels like she's boiling and needs to let it out and release her stress or take the blood pressure maintenance meds to relax and feel better. Is it hereditary or ? feedback ?

  5. Dr. B you are the best. Not only do you present solid research but you do it with a great sense of humor. It is a joy to listen to you.

  6. Not to say the doctor is wrong for everyone, but my blood pressure either isn't self regulating or it will regulate itself at a level that is far too high for safe survival. I personally take medication. Before I started taking medication, I checked into a hospital because I thought I was having a stroke. They measured my blood pressure at 235/140. They measured my BNP at 3457 (they said it shouldn't be higher than 100)..

    It turns out I was in stages leading to a stroke and had a series of mini strokes while I was in the hospital. One month on medication and my BNP was down to 427 (still too high but much better).

    They talk about diet. I have switched to a mostly vegetable diet. I mostly use water to cook and sometimes olive oil. I have heard red pepper lowers blood pressure. I eat it all the time. It may be interesting to hear what the doctor has to say about such a thing but if he's suggesting staying off medication because my pressure will regulate itself, I respectfully have to disagree, at least in my own case.

  7. Most of my family is on BP meds and they never get it under control. I knew it all seemed ludicrous but I didn't know why. This makes sense.

  8. The spread between my 2 numbers is sometimes 80.

  9. Im 40 years old. And for years I've been told that I have High blood pressure. I don't go to the Doctor but whenever I had an emergency. The paramedics were telling me. You are too young to die. It was like 180/109. I went to the emergency room for other issues and they always freak out. They scared me so much that now I have to take pills. And it still only goes down to 160/90 or 155/95. I'm not fat, a bit chunky. I'm 5.10 and 230 pounds. I eat a lot of rice, chicken, pasta, eggs and oil for the eggs or the chicken. I used to work out but I had to stop because I have pains in my right chest when I breath in, lower back and it cracks when I move, if I lean forward to grab something from the floor, my entire chest hurts. Docs did xrays, the heart test with the cables and they said. It all looks good, it could be your muscles in your back that are causing pain in your chest and the connecting tissue to the chest. I used to be sort of an athlete. Weight lifting, runner, biker, swimmer and for 3 freaking months I've been suffering. I cant workout, to top it off. My food comes out of my mouth. If I eat half of the time it just comes out to my mouth and it sounds nasty but I have to chew it again or spit it out. I don't know what to do.

  10. I have water retention.
    How do I rid it from my body

  11. Please don't call humans animals. Everything else you say is great.

  12. I was sent to an endocrinologist because my blood test ran low-T. The nurse took my BP and it was "good". The doctor came in, told me my t-levels weren't low enough to put me on testosterone. Then he began lecturing me on cholesterol. I told him he knew nothing about nutrition and started arguing with me. Then he took my blood pressure. He said to me, "You also have high blood pressure."


  13. Interesting videos John but why oh why do you have to ruin them and make them unlistenable by adding stupid muzak.
    Totally horrible. Ditch it. Why do all video producers think you have to have background music ?!! You don't.

  14. why is high blood pressure strongly associated with death? The adaptation you talk about is not healthy. My father has uncontrolled high blood pressure and without meds, he's fucked!. the adaptation you talk about is due to his years of smoking..the damage is already done…apart from stating the obvious here, it doesn't stop the idea that high blood pressure kills people

  15. my blood pressure is
    i eat 75% bio food
    no sugars only from fruit /dried fruit
    try no salt
    abit more greens in my diet
    i have everyday a panic attack
    i walk everyday like 20/40 min
    some mondays i swim
    i mosty have a good day and then the panic attack comes
    my body is stressed all the time
    even with breathing
    i cant make it stop anymore
    im losing more and more weight
    i dont know what to do
    but i wanna live longer
    but now its really difficult

  16. Doctor John Bergman, i recently discovered your videos and I must say you opened a new horizon for me, thank you so much. Also i strongly started to feel like I should move from Louisiana to California. Looks like all the great doctors and people live there…wish housing would be more affordable though, that is the only reason stopping me…

  17. gotta fire basically all doctors

  18. my dear friend is 79 years old and she is obsessed! she checks her blood pressure every 15 minutes every day and she has been on EVERY blood pressure medication known. She has vertigo, skin deformities, dizziness, fortgetfulness, (short term memory), Strokes, and so many other problems. She has been taking these Black Boxed drugs since 30 years old. She believes everything the nurses and docs tell her and the drugs save her from dying. She is miserable with all of these direct effects.

  19. Okay, so is it not true that constant high blood pressure can cause arteries to burst in your brain, or kidney damage??

    I'm confused, my doctors say high blood pressure puts stress on the whole body, and your saying it's a normal adjustment to internal issues?

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