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Blood pressure technique: How to get accurate results

It is important to know what your real blood pressure is. Getting your blood pressure checked at the doctor is a snapshot in time, and may not accurately represent your typical blood pressure. Doing frequent “ambulatory” blood pressures can help manage your therapy.


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  1. The exact opposite for me. Arm higher equals higher pressure. Arm lower at side equals lower, normal range.

  2. almost everybody that checks my blood pressure has my arm dangling and always goes right off the charts i could never understand why when i straighten out my arm it is 130/98 sometime 120/70

  3. Doctor the gage on the pressure cuff. How do you check it against a known standard to see if its reading correct?

  4. My pal asked my lookup “yuku shocking plan”, the blood pressure solution on Google. His bp of 158/120 was dangerous. I chose clean eating and this to get it down quickly and it did. It has slowly lowered and 2 weeks later with healthier eating his blood pressure level is 128/84.

  5. I`ve had hypertension & taking medications ever since I was Twenty-six years of age. I had been happy I discovered “yuku shocking plan” (Google it) sooner because my blood pressure decreased to the natural level with its help. After following the advice of this author, in just one month I only have to take half my medications.

  6. Thanks, Doc! Very informative.

  7. Ok, this is helpful. I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure while at the dentist office. 172/107 was the reading. I made an appointment with medical and received a scrip. I have been checking at home and keeping a log. My average reading today was 140/80 sitting upright with my left arm in the cuff and resting on the arm rest of my chair, basically the same position as the dentist and doctors office. After watching the video I raised my arm to heart level and have gotten an average reading of 125/60. is an arm at heart level a more believable reading?

  8. Thanks for the information on this! I think it's something everyone should know about. I always get different readings between my digital home device and the grocery store. I even used my digital in the parking lot then went into the grocery store and checked, and the top number is always higher in the grocery store. It's higher than both when I'm at the doctor. But now I'll follow these instructions at home and probably bring my digital into the doctor and let them watch me use it.

  9. HEy Dr.Castello, can i trust my first reading. I heard that many first reading are inaccurate with some devices. Sometimes my first and second reading are different within 10 -15 points

  10. 1st I wish you would take my blood pressure cause I'm pretty sure those who have taken mine aren't as thorough as you 2nd I think you answered my question which regarding the machines. Manual or digital. My doctor uses the manual but the hospital uses digitals-I don't doubt that my blood pressure is too high but there seems to be a "big" difference in the readings. I will probably get a machine to take home so I have saved this video for support. Thanks Dr. Castello.

  11. I have a nurse who uses an automatic machine with my R arm dangling on my side and my hand resting on my thigh. It gives a high reading way way off from anything I have ever gotten at other doctor offices 148/89. But I cant complain or even suggest they are doing it wrong because they have the license. I always have had my L or even my R arm resting on something high enough where the cuff is heart level. I may have to request another doctor because of this nurse.

  12. I have a digital machine and try to calibrate it at my Drs office. My cardiologist said to discard the first reading. I get totally different readings in each arm and in each position (standing, sitting and lying down), and within the course of the day. BP changes so many times throughout the day, so I never know my true readings. My pet peeve is that when a nurse takes it with a digital machine in some offices, they talk to me. I don't answer of course. The other issue I have is that once I put the cuff on me at home, I feel like I either hold my breath or over breathe or slow breathe… My kitchen table is lower than my elbow so I put my arms on books to raise it up… It's always higher than if I just rest it on the table. I have renal artery stenosis so I check my bp 2-3x/day… Very frustrating bec I spent a lot for my monitor (LifeSource) …and my diastolic is always 90 plus. When I go to the dr now, I ask the dr to take it in both arms. I don't trust the nurses.

  13. Thank you for the very informative video. I am in nursing school and I have to do a teaching plan presentation for my clinical rotation in Medical/Surgical Nursing. I would love to use your video presentation for my Teaching Plan presentation. Thanks so much for this great video, Have a fabulous day! Tina Campbell

  14. I know how the digital monitors get many times false highs they pump way to much pressure than it really needs therefore causing pain and anxiety. Therefore it causes both systolic and diastolic to be higher than it really is.

  15. thank you so much, i passed everything on my CNA test and I only fail because i did not get the accurate number with my State Evaluator's reading

  16. Thank you for the video. I have a question. I suffer from anxiety attacks and taking my blood pressure is difficult due to this. When I take it, I get very nervous and anxious and thus, my readings are all over the place which just compounds the problem and makes it worse. I have noticed that if I lay down for awhile, on my back, and lay my arm relaxed at my side, I can manage to calm down and relax and get readings somewhere in the 117/73 rage, which for my age (36), is pretty good. Is it ok to trust those readings as long as my arm is level with my side (heart level)? Thank you.

  17. Excellent, very helpful, thank you for taking the time to post.

  18. At about 5:35 you say "120 millimetres or about 20 centimetres". When I went to school 120 mm was exactly 12 cm, which is not even close to 20 cm.

  19. Thanks dr.Greg Castello, your big help of mine. God bless you.

  20. Or if the patient has a dialysis fistula.

  21. i guess it is best to do the oldfashion blood pressure test eventhough its more work…. rather than the modern digital machines that could give a unaccurate number that could be garbage,  thanks!!!!!!

  22. I just started MA classes and have been feeling less than competent with this part of taking vitals.  I have trouble with hearing that "Lubdub".  You stated the alignment of the "artery" mark on the cuff to be above the blood draw on the inner elbow. I was taught to place the "artery" mark on the cuff more toward the inside of the arm brachial artery, placing the stethoscope on the inside of elbow just below that mark.  I'm going to give this a try and hope this makes a difference.  Thank you for the video.  

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