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Calorie Burning Cardio Workout | Full Body Fitness | Class FitSugar

Can’t get outside to go for a run? No worries — we’ve got you covered with this 10-minute calorie-scorching routine. Best of all — with no equipment required, this workout is completely excuse-proof. Press play, and get ready to hop, skip, jump, and punch your way through this quick sweat session.

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  1. I love this video. I haven't worked out in so long! This is my second day and I'm so sore but I'm so pumped. Even though I only did 5:36 seconds, I am determined to complete the rest of it until my body gets adjusted to it.

  2. does anyone know how much calories does this workout burned ? thanks for answering! ☺️

  3. My arms passed out at the first -_-

  4. I love this workout! I hate sport but I really love this. 😊 I like that punch 😀

  5. This time I'll use Unflexal workouts guide to learn about it more.

  6. where is your chest exercise

  7. Great workout! Super simple, but damn did I work up a sweat! Thanks, Anna!! 🙂

  8. These videos are amzing, but i cant keep up with u. so that, i paused videos for hundred times just to breath :/ my feet was fuck'n hurt.

  9. I’m gonna do this for 30 days straight .. 29 days left

  10. I NEARLY PASSED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I got a McDonald's ad before this and It won't let me skip it😂

  12. Wow wow that was totally amazing workout damm it was hard Im so swetty like a wet towel!! It's disgusting but it feels nice because then you now that you have burned calories!! Holy shit love it thank you guys

  13. Great cardio! My heart is racing and my legs are twitching!

  14. hey Anna, I m a beginner. can I perform this exercises barefeet ? is putting on proper shoes important?

  15. It was either watching this, or Charlie Manson documentaries . I figured I'd watch this and rub one out and then go listen to what Manson has to say.

  16. Thank you for making this easy workout!! I do this workout after each meal everyday and I lost about 23 pounds this past month!!! Thank you!

  17. wow. this hurts my breathing

  18. I'm sure the best workouts instruction is on Unflexal workouts. I just love it !

  19. I have just found this video Yesterday, and ive done this 2 dans in a row!!
    I Will do this everyday til i og on holiday 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  20. Most hatefull 10 mins in my life 😀

  21. awesome, I feel soooooo great 😍

  22. thanks! i got sweat everywhere!

  23. I love this workout ❤️

  24. if i do it every day its work? my body will be buns ??

  25. this is so good. my favourite workout video.

  26. This was a hard workout!!!!! But I am going to keep pushing myself!!!!

  27. I was able to do all of it and thank u it was a real help!!! I'm a subscriber and carry on doing these amazing motivational vids

  28. How many calories are burned aprox. in this video?

  29. How many calories does this burn?

  30. this bitch make it look si easy

  31. oh god. i feel like dying. and my calves are cramping like crazy!

  32. oh my God ,you almost killed me today ,but i'm happy that i did it

  33. I took a break from working out but this was Absolutely what I needed. This is a great workout.

  34. how are they smiling while doing this I'm close to death

  35. way harder than i thought it would be, 5months after having a baby and i want to get fit for work! good though! legs burned after to walk upstairs

  36. It looks easier than it is!

  37. I did not workout this morning and would have done this. Nevertheless, I did it after a long day and I am glad I did. I will add it to my favorites and return often when I need a quick shot on a tight schedule.

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