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Anxiety & Depression

Marly-Severe Depression and Anxiety


Marly came to Hippocrates seeking knowledge to help her combat severe depression and anxiety attacks. Within one week she was off of 90% of her medications and feeling a tremendous difference. Her health continues to improve. source

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Various Anxiety vs. Depressive Disorders


Jeffrey Applebaum of UC Davis Family Medicine presents some important distinctions between depressive disorders and anxiety disorders and how these differences impact treatment. Series: “UC Grand Rounds” [8/2011] [Health and Medicine] [Professional Medical Education] [Show ID: 21037] source

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God’s Help For Depression and Anxiety


What does God have to say about depression and anxiety? Psalm 42 and 43 gives us a window of someone in their depressed state coming to God with the help of God. Along the way, we learn there is much ...

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Hypnosis for Meeting Your Inner Child (Meditation Deep Relaxation Anxiety Depression Healing)


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Surya Bheda Pranayama | Yoga for Depression and Anxiety


Surya Bhedan (Right Nostril Breathing or Revitalizing Breath) – Right nostril is Pingala Nadi, which represents physical energy and body. The breath through right nostril is important for many important metabolic processes. The purpose of the Right nostril breathing is ...

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