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Catherine reveals struggles with motherhood during mental health talk

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry attend the official opening of The Global Academy in support of Heads Together at The Global Academy in Hayes, England. The Global Academy is a state school founded and operated by Global, The Media & Entertainment Group and will educate students for careers in broadcast and digital media (April 20, 2017)
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  1. She sounds so stupid ! I can tell how Prince William wished she would just "SHUT UP " ! What's with her fake accent all of a sudden? It's hard to understand what she's saying?? What gives?

  2. I’m so happy you are addressing mental health. I’m 72 and I have been to many mental health doctors.
    I’m a Cosmetologist and I can act nutty. In fact I can raise my prices! But nonetheless many many many doctors are not qualified. I’ve had them as friends customers and not very
    many THINK. I do believe that “Heads Together” will help more ppl than any dr.
    Carry on you wonderful
    Royals. 👑👑👑

  3. Kate mentions she had an addiction of her own on "The Royal Family" channel. What addiction is she talking about??

  4. Oh my god, Kate talks with such a fake accent and comes across as this real DUMB woman !! It's embarrassing to watch, she has no clue what she's talking about ! She's such a dumb bunny !!
    If she finds motherhood such a struggle, then she should of used birth control or have William have 'snip snip' procedure on his penis. She's has mental issues alright ! It's called "I hate being a mother, because it's too much work" ! Now 3rd kid is on the way due in April 2018. How much more complaining are we going to hear from William and Kate. Oh my god, not only they have a full staff of cooks, cleaners, nurses and nannies. Hahaha and Kate is still complaining about being a mother? Really? What is she going to do with kid #3?? Complain even more and William will complain even more about his sleepless nights. It's not as if he has to be up at 6:00 am in the morning and be at work by 7:00 am and punch in the clock ! Work at a physical job for 7.5 hours before he comes home from work. OH WOW, poor William…poor Kate, NOT. Such a lazy bunch of NOTHING !!

  5. Just because she may be a " princess and has a whole staff" helping her does not mean that one does not experience PPD or that it does not exist. PPD is postpartum depression, just incase your ignorant self doesn't know the definition. Please educate yourself on mental health illnesses and how anyone (no matter rich or poor) can experience this. This is an extremely sensitive topic and should be taken seriously.

  6. These three are doing a great job . Diana will always be in her boys . God keep them all including Meghan 🇺🇸💟

  7. she is so boring.all she had to have for herself was some character, she has everything else.

  8. Wow Harry is smart and sexy

  9. I have never heard her voice before…ever! 
    It's…just WOW!

  10. I feel nervous on her behalf when she speaks. Sometimes Will looks at her funny like he is embarrassed.

  11. her face looks so different . like she had a bad fillers job or something .

  12. Eu tenho condições financeiras nem viajar,e nem para eu mim hospedar.E um sonho faze uma viagem assim.

  13. Tem como eles ficar sabendo, que tem uma brasileira,que mora em Fortaleza- Ceará.Gostaria de conhece o castelo e a família.Da rainha?

  14. such. à lot of speaking. to say. nothing. i don t. think. we have. waited. for. Kate. Middleton. to. talk. about. mental. health.

  15. She is so false and wooden.I think she's depressed about being married to William.

  16. I wish Kate kept quiet because she sounds so fake and stiff. It is hard to connect truly with what she says. It's like a image she trying hard to portray. She has Norland nanny for God same and she says she is struggling as a mother.

    Let William and Harry speak for this great charity they set up. Every word comes from their heart.

  17. I think people need to cut her some slack, yes she may have people there to help her physically but are they helping her mentally as well? we don't know what is going through her mind, I can imagine becoming a mum for the first time isn't easy but to have to do it with eyes of the world on her and the likes of us judging her on EVERY single thing she does, is probably an added pressure. the woman can't do right for doing wrong in some people's eyes.
    People here are very quick to judge when they have absolutely no knowledge of what really goes on or facts to back up their comments. ok so she's not a naturally public speaker so what, a lot of people aren't and that doesn't just suddenly change when you become a member of the royal family.
    I've been called a sycophantic toady by people on here just because I've pulled them up on their nasty comments about Catherine, I prefer to see it as having a bit of human compassion which in today's climate is sadly lacking.

    ok that's my rant over with!

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