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Cholesterol, LDL, HDL & Lipid Profile Facts!

Find out what cholesterol is and how cholesterol levels can create problems for your health. Discussion with Dr. Chandra Shekhar about cholesterol and its harmful effects on our body.

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  1. Fantastic, thank you for this video .

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  3. Doctor —Sekhar –Don't simplify the LDL as you said on your vedio, LDL won't got deposited on your artery until you have excessive Inflammation or high sugar in your blood, when you have this along with deficiency of Vitamin C and Nitic Oxide , LDL will modified by oxidation and that will deposit on you artery wall. then it's problem..FYI…ALSO eating EGG is good for your cholesterol though a single egg have huge CHolesterol in it , but it won't create any effect on your LDL but it will raise your good cholesterol HDL,,,,,

  4. Thanks for this easy understanding video, I just disagree with not eating butter and cheese, what I mean is "REAL PURE" butter or cheese made from grass fed products 🙂

  5. Thanks very informative and short. …….

  6. Does the olive oil is cholesterol free?

  7. fantastic..this is all information i was looking for. thanx

  8. would you mind telling me answers for below questions;
    1- what is the exact formula to calculate Triglyceride?
    2- what is the exact formula to calculate HDL?
    3- what is the exact formula to calculate LDL?

    Thank You!

  9. SIR trigliserida KEY BARY MY KUCH BATEY

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  11. What is bad #cholesterol? What is LDL, #HDL & Lipids? Why do I need to keep a check on my cholesterol levels? Watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kqmx6nz2PDc

  12. Understand the facts about cholesterol, lipid profile, LDL & HDL illustrated by Dr. Chandra Shekhar.

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