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DCU Students Share Their Story for Mental Health

As part of Mental Health Week 12, we asked the students of DCU (you!) to come forward and share your story about a mental health issue you faced and how you got through. Thanks to everyone who put themselves forward.


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  1. We got showing this in DKIT today and after it was over I thought to myself 'This is the reason I want to film studies. It's wanting to make films and shows that involve all this that it's the reason I want to do it.' It's videos like this, it's films and TV shows that deal with these things that help so many people. You guy's really did a fantastic job!

  2. Wonderful stuff. Congratulations on your courage.

  3. Hey Guys, what a great lot of People, it affects everyone, me included, finding the right person to talk to is very difficult especially as you get older, my problems have been acquired over many years and are at a point where they have all become intertwined and seem impossible to untangle, I am a member of Staff in DCU not a Student and I applaud all of you for standing up and being counted, well done

  4. And were just as proud of you, Maybe next year you'll consider telling your story and encouraging even more people to be brave and seek help 🙂 sal

  5. Thanks Declan, Your message is so apt. Lets stop worrying and speak out 🙂 sal

  6. What an absolutely fantastic video!
    A colleague and friend who'd been suffering from serious depression told me he was getting help from the DCU counselling service a while ago. I moved offices and didn't see much of him for a while, then went to a couple of events with him and he looked totally at ease and at peace with himself.
    So listen to these survivors, and reach out. Do not suffer alone!

  7. Just keep at it, its just like any other illness, it will pass. See it for what it is, pure shit! Be well proud of yourself!

  8. Thank you all for this. I have been dealing with generalized anxiety disorder. Friends don't really understand it, which is understandable. You really cant empathize with mental illness until you experience it. I wouldn't have been able to admit up to it a year ago. I am proud of how far I have come in the past year.

  9. Cant explain how proud I am of all of u for doing this video. Took a lot of courage. I suffer from a generalized anxiety disorder & I cant agree with u enough of how important it is to talk. Whether its from friends, family or counselors, there is help.
    If you are physically ill, u get it looked at and u get better.
    If you are mentally ill, u get it looked at and u get better.
    Someone explain to me wheres the difference?
    Start talking so we can get rid of this pointless stigma

  10. Magnificent. Well done folks.

  11. Fantastic video. Just as any one of us could experience a mental health problem, every single one of us has a role to play in challenging stigma. Break the silence of stigma.

  12. Very brave to speak out, but it will help so many others. Well done.

  13. Well done everyone involved! Particularly to those of you who put yourselves in this to share your story, that takes a lot of courage.

  14. brilliant video guys..wish i had the confidence to do that!

  15. thank you so much for sharing these stories.They (you ) will help so many people .you are all beautiful inside and out.

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