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Diabetes Overview

How diabetes occurs and how to treat it.
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  1. This is one of the best informative and essential videos on diabetes. Thank you so much. Both my parents suffered from diabetes and passed away due to this killer illness. I now want to educate innocent people out there on diabetes.

  2. I have high blood sugar. Found this out today. I suggest everyone get a blood test! Gonna go exercise to prevent diabetes

  3. I am a diabetic and wanted to join the army in non combat role but being a diabetic i was disqualified help me with signing the petition to get the attention of the united state government that diabetics can serve in non combat roles and can be very valuable resources


  4. Look up a video called "Sugar: The bitter truth". This doctor explains how cheap, man-made artificial sugars in the north american diet are responsible for the diabetes epidemic. Basically the food industry is poisoning us all in order to save a few dollars. After you watch the video, write or phone your local representatives and demand answers. Millions will die from this travesty.

  5. I have diabetes presentation tomorrow, will use this vid. ty

  6. who ever has gave thumbs down to this probably has diabetes

  7. obesity does not cause diabetes…..it goes hand in hand with daibetes MOST of the time. There are thin people with diabetes…even Type II. Since insulin stores fat then having diabetes with the ensuing increase in insulin as your body tries to deal with the glucose causes you to gain weight…but the weight gain is not "causal" to the diabetes…of course the same foods that make you fat (starches) also aggravate diabetes.

  8. I find it a bit embarrasing and also not very smooth picking up the meter, glocose-stips and the shoot-hole in skin-thing during my schoolday in college. But I wold really need to measure my sugar at least 1 time per hour. Have anyone come up with a good solution to this?
    Anyone who studies college and still manages their diabetes and glucose monitoring during the whole day? Maybe practical soluions or technical solutions.
    Grateful for answers.

  9. I feel really sorry for people with diabetes. And Im really worried, because I could have diabetes, and I think if I have it, it could ruin my life. Plus I really don't want to test for it every day. I've never had an injection, and Im really scared of them.

  10. This is a great overview of diabetes and shows the effect this disease is having in our country as well as the impact this has on an individual family. Some people have trouble losing weight because they lack cooking and shopping skills and are not sure how to read food labels. We try to provide this information free on our website. please visit diabeticsurvivalkit(dot)com.

  11. I hate being diabetic (type 1)
    Good video, thanks.

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