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Doctors Are Shocked – Most Powerful Herb to Cure Diabetes

Watch ► Doctors Are Shocked – Most Powerful Herb to Cure Diabetes

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Please watch: “Only 2 Leaves Kill Diabetes”



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  1. What is holy basal could u let us know is it Basel leaves pl do let me know I am on border line of sugar level in my blood

  2. Pls doctor l have tried giving two persons em… this habiscus leaf as directed but instead of lowering the bp it raised higher what could be the reason? Pls reply me urgently.

  3. What leaves u accent was hard to get u info

  4. what kind of leaves are these? Thanks.

  5. What the hell is she saying………………

  6. I'm 11 and I have type 1 diabetes and I act like Brooklyn I get frustrated and I want to be free I want to be normal (Link Here>>https://plus.google.com/102443457991099589207/posts/7Zo634Dr11x  ).

  7. I've been spending time with the help of my son studying curing diabetes and found a fantastic website at ralfs remedy method (Link Here>>https://plus.google.com/102443457991099589207/posts/f1ySEcVZPoT  ).

  8. Every tom dick and harry on you tube is a diabetician. They prescribe leaves right from mango leaves to grass roots ginger, cinmon and many more herbs and half baked dieticians prescribing food. All this are to make money from you tube . Yes there are some doctors like dr B M Hegde and some genuine doctors who are explaining useful things. It's very simple 1. You need some kind of detox drink in the morning 2. Some fruits and selective items breakfast 3. Lots of vegetable less of veg meal as lunch 4. Nuts and green tea etc in between lunch and dinner . 5. Before 7.30 finish dinner mostly with raw vegetables. 6. Ofcourse some protein support 7. Morning walk to get sunlight on the body for an 45 min. Some stretching yoga and half an hour pranayama and half an hour shavasana. It might keep your diabetes under control needing very low medication or insulin. What is needed is discipline.


  10. There is no herb that cures diabetes. It's sad to see that quackery is alive and well in India. No wonder most of their really smart people want to come to the USA.

  11. what is the name of these leaves?…please spell out or list plant names in the description area or within video in the future of your videos.

  12. tulsi ke paatte , tulsi leaves in every home worship by hindus.

  13. Whats the name of this leaves.

  14. Not only diabetes. This leaf acts as a cure to several diseases which doctors don't share or agree since they will lose business.

  15. What are basal leaves used in cure of diabetes?

  16. Where is this. Herb leaves. Sold

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