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Eggs and Cholesterol ….IS IT A MYTH OR TRUTH

Health, Eggs, Cholesterol the truth, and myth about how eggs are not the nutrition or cholesterol problem with nutrition, its actually dairy products. Bert Seelman of resultsareproof.com talks about how people are being misled by a bad myth. Eggs are a complete whole natural food, that has more nutrition meaning vitamins, minerals, and complete protein than can be found in most other foods. Even the yolk should be eaten.

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  1. @TheRogueMonk
    check out what the yolk is or has in it……it actually balances itself out
    think the big guy upstairs made the baby chicks wrong… 🙂

  2. i still had no trust in this.. is there any newer research that i can refer to and finally eat eggs everyday

  3. @ChickPie4tea coz you cant digest it fully as raw?coz it contains avidin as raw?as raw it contains all the negatives but lacks some positives…

  4. @irinagodunko how do i know though.. hey i am on your side.. but is there a true research having people eating 2 eggs over 5 years or even 3?
    then iwould agree with you if not 100% but safe enough

  5. @ChickPie4tea How do you prepare raw eggs in a protein drink?

  6. @LOLZ614 usually an egg has 6 grams of protein 2 in the yolk 4 in the white and most of the vitamins the egg are in the yolk because the are fat solubel eat the whole thing it wont do any harm

  7. @TheRogueMonk once a year! how about you?

  8. @Georgie0Dance0Box have you actually checked your cholestrol level?

  9. @TheRogueMonk just see at americas health they eat so much bullshit so much "zero calorie" "fat free" low fat" and still they have heart attacks and stuff i personaly eat 2 eggs a day and my cholesterol level are perfect just eat them with some fiber and you should be ok

  10. what do you consider soft boiled anyway? i dont like runny yolk

  11. @TheRogueMonk yah… i dont know ima go ahead and trust it… shoot just hard boil and im thru 😀

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