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Fat Head – Cholesterol

For more, watch the whole movie: http://www.fathead-movie.com/


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  1. "You need animal fat to be normal and healthy" 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. thats what i though lol 😀 this sentence is hilarious xD

  3. Eat fat, but keep an eye on your daily caloric intake.

  4. SOURSOP LEAF-SOLUTION-YOUTUBE this is working for me!!!

  5. Wow! .I did -15 lbs last 2 month.Open hawght.so#TstzWvf

  6. What the hell? Since when does high cholesterol means the longer you'll live?

  7. "Even fatter"? Seriously? What is your Bizarro World definition of fat? She looks just fine there.

  8. Sally fallon has gotten even fatter since this video. She's a role model for women dreaming of "slimming" to a size 16.


    "The higher your cholesterol, the longer you live."

    That statement is so ridiculous that I'm never going to take anything else Fallon says seriously.

  10. You base your fallacy off of government funded studies which do not show the truth. Do research, especially on Broda Barnes and Ray Peat, who are government funded! Thank you come again!!!!

  11. @nvxxl123 not true!! polyunsaturated fats are negative and low metabolism causes heart disease!!! befor u accuse sugar Please go and read papers by Broda Barnes and Ray Peat!!

  12. Fair points, thanks for the info. Look at that a civilized youtube conversation 😉

  13. My apologies , the "20 studies" I mentioned earlier is from early in "Ignore the Awkward" by Uffe Ravnskov

  14. I hear ya. Yeah, if taken word for word as being true I can see some contention to it there. Sigh…. here ya go… first I would suggest reading "Good Calories, Bad Calories" for a look back at the complete history of how we got here along with the studies you are looking for. replace DOT with a period wwwDOTncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20683785

  15. So, I'm clear, I'm saying there are over 20 studies showing that in the elderly higher cholesterol seems to be protective.

  16. There are over 20 studies showing this, granted, it is only an association, but if the opposite were true like "they" say, then it shouldn't even be correlated.

  17. Yeah, let's not have an open mind, use common-sense or look at recent studies that are completely changing our current views on what is good nutrition.

  18. He didn't say anything about ammonia, burgers, or McDonald's… he merely stated an obvious fact.

  19. they shouldn't have put the fast food thing in the trailer.

  20. the traditional healthy diets are 60% of calories from fat

  21. @elmikerino There's actually no correlation between meat and heart disease.

  22. @elmikerino You need fat and suger causes heart disease. Stuff like canola oil that is some pretty bad stuff for you because it is highly processed.

  23. Fat doesn't cause you to get fat, it's sugar that causes heart disease.

  24. The AHA ought to put that logo on a three musketeer bar.

  25. how can people believes this??

  26. OH YES!! u want your cholesterol as HIGH as Possible to protect u from heavy metals, pollution, chemicals in food,water,etc.. for example who exercises loads will have higher cholesterol to lower inflammation!!

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