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Half And Full Marathon Nutrition Tips – “Ultimate Direction” And “Carb BOOM”

SITE: http://www.DirtyRunners.com Here are some tips for Half And Full Marathon Nutrition for helping speed up your times while feeling great!


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  1. Those ultimate direction water bottles are awesome for running. They are inexpensive and a great substitute for a back pack.

  2. no. you must stay hydrated especially whilst exercising. if your out for longer than 45 minutes to an hour and a half you should really be hydrating yourself whilst your out. if your running for about two and a half hours or longer you should really be looking to take on calories as well.

  3. oh dude..they look rank!

    i use soft dates. golden.

  4. Does the weight of the liquid work against you over time?

  5. I wouldn't be able to run with a water bottle, because all of the jiggling would aggravate the heck out of me. I ran 20 miles recently with cliff shots that worked pretty well.

  6. How many marathons have you done?

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