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High Blood Pressure the Common Sense Solution

High Blood Pressure the Common Sense Solution

Describing how mechanical distortions can cause high blood pressure and how correcting those distortions can normalize the system

2 conditions that elevate blood pressure-

trauma-whiplash- you get whiplash and you can affect your breathing which will elevate blood pressure

Any other sort of pain.

Any pain causes an elevation of blood pressure.

After the trauma is fixed the problems with blood pressure will go down.

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  1. Thanks for excellent info Dr.Bergmann

  2. I already thought hig blood pressure one of reason might come from this point before I found this Clip vedio. talk the same how I felt and thought already
    thank you

  3. Hi doctor jhon…i just wana know a good chiropractor in egypt cairo please.

  4. "Simply put, exposure to chronic Chemical, Physical and Emotional Stress are the cause of high blood pressure." So there's no hope for me :'( Just lost my new job (which took me a year to get, as I am no longer a youngster), due to a sudden onslaught of severe high blood pressure, coupled with diarrhea and complete exhaustion. Was very sick for over a week. IBS complications. Still trying to detox my body of severe amalgam poisoning. (Amalgams gone now). Now, no money for treatments at a chiropractor, and there probably isn't one in my country that understands what you do, Dr Bergman. Yep, another "Merry" Christmas…..

  5. Great video, I have changed the way I sleep especially the position of my pillow, I have woken up to pain and now I know why…thanks….

  6. Doctor, Thank you for the most important knowledge that every MD Should Provide to the Patient.

    Please tell us About Blood clotting that cause mini strokes that my mother in law had several times. But no solution has been given by any doctor instead of Giving long List of Medication includes Antacids, Bp Control, Stress Managing Pills etc.

    Please Help.

  7. Hypertension is quantitatively the most important risk factor for premature cardiovascular disease, being more common than cigarette smoking.*Here A 100% safe and proven way to lower your blood pressure quickly and permanently from 190/120 to 116/74 just in 17 days* ->https://plus.google.com/110588372225318132489/posts/FBoxFmWkThi

  8. This blood pressure solution “yuku shocking plan” (G00GLE it) works for me, after Two weeks following this plan, my blood pressure level down Twenty points. But you must work with exercise (just Thirty five minutes walking). In general, I really feel healthier now that my blood pressure is lower than my normal.

  9. Glad I saw this, it all make sense now. My high blood pressure started about the same time I had a neck injury. Wow + Thanks

  10. How do you feel about Rapatha to lower my LDL cholesterol?
    The advertisement prior this utube.

  11. i really nerd HELP my BPs fluctuates from 140/97 > 212/114….. meds are not doing it for me and there making me sick… please HELP me figure it out….

  12. I am glad I found you on YouTube I had a neck injury I'm still recovering from I wish u the best The most high well bless you I'm seeing a chropractor by the way

  13. Wow, just amazing what we learn online and of course…makes perfect sense.

  14. I have had a reverse curve for at least 15 years with High bp. I stopped taking my blood pressure meds and the anti-inflammatory drugs because I could feel them killing me. I had no energy because I was peeing out all my vitamins and minerals. Plus the pain meds were ruining my digestive tract. Been much better since I started going back to my chiro and working on ways to fix the curve in my neck and lumbar.

  15. I can tell a difference when using this item. I went to the Dr right after I follow this blood pressure solution “yuku shocking plan” (Google it) for several days and my blood pressure was 152/92! Once I got a fresh supply and started taking it again I found my blood pressure return to normal. I use this to manage my bp. It works wonderful!

  16. are those esrings in xray?

  17. god bless u doctor. im 20 years old and i have a high blod pressure about 130/80. i hope ure vids help me too :/ 😣

  18. i adore your videos dr. i have a question i lift weights so with time i developed spasm in my left side of my neck and i have a forward head posture my question is does this spasm or muscle tension make tinnitus and mood swings ?

  19. Surgeon forgot his glasses in 2nd X-ray.

  20. Hello Doctor! I have something much like this video. I was doing a neck flexion exercises, trying to move the top vertebrae (base of skull) at the start of the flexion. When all of a sudden, AHHH I feel two areas of my posterior neck like stretch and I had to stop. The next day I have severe breathing problems and chronic neck soarness. Pregnisone and a lot of alleve helped it heal, they found a posterior annular tear but not much else. I believe my spine misaligns during movement due to maybe a lig. tear. I have not fully healed after 5 months, this is seriously effecting my life but I am able to workout and quick intensly (anaerobically) before my breathing gets worse. I have been to many doctors and they say its impossible and I just had some soft tissue damage. What do you think? My spine is pretty soar to the touch and I cant put hoodies or towels on the back of my neck as that weight causes discomfort and trouble breathing.  THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING GOD BLESS DOCTORS COMMENTS ONLY PLEASE!!!

  21. good information but I'm thinking this is a chiropractor

  22. Thank-you,
    Your post of this video really helped me realize that damage to my neck can be the cause of my BP elevation.

  23. As soon as he said the body was designed by god ….. that was it for me . Which god , theres been lots of gods over the years and he has not told us which god designed it. I mean was it an old god that knows fuck all about medicine or one of the newer gods . Then I was thinking anyone that really thinks there is an invisible man in the sky …….clearly needs to get helps. Utter rubbish but a good giggle , perhaps its the god that lets 9000000 children around the world die each year . yeah what a tosser .

  24. I've got high blood pressure. I am 29 years, most doctors don't know what the cause is as I all tests are normal. I'm currently on medication and fed up since I don't know what why im taking those pills. Help please! I am in India, obese and don't sit or stand straight for a reason.

  25. Hello Doctor, I have had a serious neck injury that cause my breathing for weeks to be so bad it was choking. This case of mine goes into a lot more depth and I don't feel like my doctors are helping, my blood pressure shot up to 190/130 out of no where and it got hard to speak and my head and neck were so sensitive for two days I could not rest or stand without severe 8/10 pain constantly on them. Id love to talk to you about it!

  26. If every Doctor was passionate about God's creation and treated it as such we could do away with the majority of the quacks called Medical Doctor's. Been there and done that! The more the FDA and AMA prescribe pharmaceuticals the sicker we become!

  27. Dr. Bergman is there anyone chiropractor that believes the same things you do you can recommend in the Dallas-Fort Worth area thank you

  28. Great video. God Bless You Dr J Bergman in all that your doing to alleviate many health problems in your patients. 🌞

  29. My blood pressure while at my docs appt was 163/117 and it is never that high at home! usually at home I get between 119/77 and 145/87 and that all depends on if I have a quick feeling of anxiety thinking of something that's stressing me out then seconds or even minutes after that it drops… would that be considered high blood pressure?

  30. Someone answer that phone !

  31. Hi Doctor,
    I am 17 years old and have recently been put on blood pressure medications (reaptan 5/5, which is a calcium blocker).
    I believe I have had HBP since very young as I get pains in the limbs when BP is high.
    Before medications I was averaging 164/98.
    And even with meds the BP can rang from 110/60 -155/90.
    I have a long family history of high and low blood pressure with several family members who had suffered with strokes or even passed away from heart attacks some have had as many as a quadruple bipass.
    I am very keen to find a root problem or a way to lower the BP without taking meds as I am uneasy with how they could affect my body and organs later in life.
    any feedback would be largely appreciated 🙂

  32. very nice doctor I'm from Pakistan shakeel Asgha

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