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HIIT Cardio + Butt and Thigh Workout: Fitness Blender’s 5 Day Challenge – Strong and Lean – Day 5

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  1. Just finished the challenge for the 3rd time. Day 3 is the hardest and sweatiest day. I love it. Have been alternating between the three 5-day challenges in the past 2-3 months and on one of the rest days, I usually do abs. The results are definitely visible, although I can do much better on the clean-eating part. I've been avoiding going to the gym or going for a run, just because I don't like other people around me when I'm working out, so I was occasionally doing some crunches, push-ups and burpees at home for the last couple of years , unsurprisingly with little success. Thank you guys for your wonderful effort. It's hard to find likeable and just normal-looking coaches in this industry. Most are plain arrogant, chizzled freaks, who don't seem to break a sweat, which frankly, just demotivates me. Also, great decision with the white background and that you didn't include any "motivational" music. Sometimes less is just more.

  2. I'm from saudi arabia and i'm complete 5 days .. 👏🏻👏🏻💪🏼

  3. Just finished the 5 day challenge. Feel a lot more fit, body movements and agility wise i feel very lubricated. As you said on Day 1 video, I did feel some body transformation by the end of Day 5, actually around or after Day 4.
    If anything I can point out that was missing, then thats Arm exercises. At least from a male perspective I wish you'd had included a few more arm exercises in the upper body work outs. I felt my chest, shoulders and back were sufficiently targeted. The lower body was well and truly tortured. AS well as the 5 day routine focussed on core exercises as well. I just feel my arms weren't sufficiently targeted.
    But apart from that , awesome workout, I can see the fat loss is very evident. Thanks for walking me through confusing world of work outs. I'll take a rest day and then begin with another 5 day challenge of yours, Thank you so much, amazing work outs and amazing channel.

  4. Good morning from India 🙂
    Day 5 completed. Thanks for doing this Fitness Blender.

  5. I wish I could like these videos twice. I struggled through everyday even doing low/easy impact exercises but by day 5 I felt stronger. I commend these two wonderful people, I will come back to this 5 day challenge. I'm going to do their other 5 day challenge first the come back to this one. really guys, a heart felt thank you for these free programmes. they are amazing, and you are too. kind regards.

  6. Just completed day 5. I looked forward to each day cause while 'resting' one part, I was challenging another. You guys are amazing, my personal trainers! I can feel the difference in strength and flexibility.

  7. workout complete woohooo 🙂 I really enjoyed 5 days challenge … i likek the most day 3 .. i did not enjoy much day 5 .. kelli and danial thank u so much u are the best ;)

  8. workout complete! oh my god, i can't believe it!, i'm so proud of myself i did all these 5 days challenge. thanks guys. i'm follow you from mauritius.

  9. i completed this 5 day challenge nw :P

  10. 19.08.16 workout complete

  11. I really enjoyed 5 days challenge. I like your style and working out routines. Definitely you two are my instructors. Thank you! :)

  12. Workout complete! Day 3 was definitely the most challenging for me. I will probably keep this routine for a month to get up to the higher intensity level. Thank you for providing free videos. You are contributing to a better/healthier life for so many people. Thank you!

  13. Phew, did all 5 days. Day 1 made me the most sore! Thanks guys!

  14. I know that's probably normal, but I'm strugling with hunger issues… I sense that my appetite increased, and I can not be satisfied with the normal amount of food… I'm on second week of 5 day challenge… (I've done the 5 day challenge to loose fat and built lean muscle first). Do you you think that I have already buit some muscle? Just because I'm 300g heavier on the scale… But I don't know.,.. With the amount of food that I'm eating… I try to consume good food, though. Thanks

  15. Workout complete! Thank you so much! :)

  16. Well, I made it but not in five days! More like in 8 days but I have other kind of training in between! Like swing dancing! It's hard to go dancing lindy hop, jive and boogie in the evening if I burned my legs out in the morning! And vice versa! My joints won't take it. I love your channel! Getting fitter and fitter everyday! Thank you!

  17. Dear Daniel and keli,
    I said it before and I will say it again
    thanks for saving my life

  18. 5 days challenge complete! Thank you guys so much <3 <3

  19. workout complete!!! Day 5 = the sweatiest!! Looking for more muscle burnout next!! :)

  20. Hey guys! I love working out with you! I have one constant issue though – deadlifts. Oh man, I can only get maybe two reps in before my back starts to scream. I noticed you don't have a video just explaining that exercise. Any chance you could do one?

  21. 06.08.16 workout complete

  22. Day 1 – 5 COMPLETE! We normally workout with you guys 5-6 days a week, doing 30 minute or less routines. Our summer routine allowed us the "luxury" do this challenge, which is good 'cuz, well, summer = ice cream 🙂 Thanks for doing what you do!

  23. Workout complete! I'm raining sweat but totally worth it!

  24. Workout complete the second time in a row.. Wasn't that sore the second time around.. Did it with 3 day flexibility challenge maybe that was why.. Thanks guys 🙂 now wondering if to do this third time or do something else.. Confused! I lost 2 kgs in two weeks and I want to keep it going. I feel so toned and energetic

  25. Just completed the challenge and I feel great! Day 1 was by far the hardest day, and I could feel my endurance and strength increase each day. Thank you for offering these free videos!

  26. if you speed up the video from normal to 2, it is so funny to see how fast their going! xDDD

  27. Excellent! The entire series, I love coming back to it.

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