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How I lost 15 pounds in 2 WEEKS

PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72syOEmGNW8

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Losing weight is indeed a tough process. And if you don’t have the right information, it can become more tedious and even discouraging. In this video, I explain how I have lost weight in just 2 weeks – just by following the basic rules for healthy living. Firstly, you must say a big NO to processed and junk food. Fast food can be extremely harmful to you in the in the long run, and it is one of the number one reasons you are not losing weight. By avoiding fast food, you will stop letting fat get accumulated in your body. You also will get healthy and glowing skin, as junk foods can clog your skin pores and harm your skin. Remember to take plenty of water. 70 percent of your body is made up of water, and there is no reason you shoudln’t drink more of it. Try to stick with 2 liters of water every day – this can detoxify your body and keep you healthy. If at all you find it hard to drink 2 liters of water alone on a daily basis, you can look for detox teas. These teas can be mixed with water and consumed, and they can benefit you in numerous ways – which include better digestion and reduced bloating. Drink detox teas in the morning, and since they are organic, they can have great effects on your body. Make fruits and vegetables your close friends. They are filled with healthfulness. You can start with Brussels sprouts, cabbage or turnip. You can even snack on vegetables – kale would be a great option to start with. A healthy life would be incomplete without exercise. Devise a suitable exercise plan for you. For weight loss, you can incorporate cardio. HIIT (high intensity interval training) can help a lot; it included short bursts of intense cardio exercise with periodic intervals. All these methods can help you lose weight and lead a fitter life.

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  1. Y'all, I've found the best way ever to eat junk food but still loose weightto not gain any weight. While you eat your fast food, run or something. It'll basically be like you're standing

  2. 120 rn let's check back in two weeks

  3. The only thing I drink is water 🙂

  4. your heart will throw you a surprise party… ummm yay?

  5. Can someone explain to me why women are so desperate to make their thighs thinner? Why do people want chicken legs? Why you dont want thicc thighs?

  6. Don't eat McDonalds kid's.

  7. That tea is basically just a laxative, you could take an actual laxatives for the same result

  8. I naturally drink a hell of a lot of water lmao I have no idea why people don't like it, it tastes like nothing 😂😂

  9. What was the song or whatever from the beginning? I recognized it but can't think of what it is.

  10. And here I am.. eating while watching this

  11. Green tea is good for weight loss. It speeds up your metabolism which means you loose more weight.

  12. Stop eating fast food: TRUE I STOPED eating fast food every 2 fridays and lost 5 pounds

  13. I’m 11 and 92/94 pounds is that normal

  14. Where can u buy the tea?

  15. She needs to gain more not lose more and also when people are trying to lose weight u should focus on gaining more weight and turning fat into muscle like some healthy fit ppl are 260-300

  16. Take a shot every time she shakes her hair
    Have fun

  17. And I’m 14 is is it good for me

  18. Is the normal tea do the seam work?

  19. why do you remind me of a more realistic version of lelo from lelo and stitch? its 2:40 in the morning rn haha…

  20. It’s good that you lost weight, but not that quick. You’re only supposed to lose 3-5 pounds maximum a week. It’s very unhealthy that you lost that much in 2 weeks

  21. Am I the only one watching wishing they could get a flat stomach but yet is drinking soda and eating chips or laying in bed wishing??

  22. Thank you so much I'm going to try this

  23. when is someone gonna tell this girl that the H in herb is silent🤦🏻‍♀️😂


  25. Fat does not just dissipate. That is not how it works.

  26. I’m eating mc Donald’s well watching this🤣🤣🤣

  27. I need to loose weight im fat

  28. I thought she was gonna say just starve yourself and pray you dont die(Thats not a joke dont starve yourself ever)

  29. Me to myself: clicks video ooh let me try this
    Me: grabs cake out fridge with water so I’m not entirely unhealthy 😂😂

  30. Oh my god your hair is flawless 🙌🏼

  31. So basically a promo for that nasty Instagram tea lol

  32. I’m not normally one to talk, but isn’t it kinda bad to loose 15 pounds I️n TWO weeks?

  33. I’m working out right now! Yeah not really, I’m eating cake and ice cream •_•

  34. I'm a dancer and I play soccer but I eat alot of hot chips and fatty foods and yk if you're Hispanic alot of the foods have grease so if I cut out the chips and fatty foods will that help bc with my being Mexican it's hard to cut out the Mexican food bc it's disrespectful to reject food

  35. ironic youtube showed me a pizza place ad before the video 🙂

  36. It gets me so mad when people talk about how “ohh you can loose weight with drinking tea” and a bunch of other things like that. Because I’m a runner and I’ve actually put in effort, work, and my entire life to that. I’ve devoted my time and energy to that and got so many benefits from it to get where I am today. So whenever people say that they loose weight just by drinking tea they deserve to not reach they’re goals. They haven’t put in their blood sweat and tears into trying to get closer to that end goal, even if it’s a tiny step and it took much work you can still be proud of how far you’ve come. When you are just drinking tea then all you can look back on is “ oh I wasn’t drinking tea back then”. I’m not trying to start a fight I just want to let people know. If you are you will probably agree with me. Get up, go for a run, or two, or more. Get out there and you’ll see the results

  37. or you could stop eating all together 👍🏽

  38. Yeh the detox tea makes u shit allot BC it cleansing if digestive system

  39. That intro is bullshit get rid

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