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How Not to Die from Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be prevented, arrested, and even reversed with a healthy enough diet.

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You can imagine how overwhelming NutritionFacts.org might be for someone new to the site. With videos on more than 2,000 health topics, where do you even begin? Imagine someone stumbling onto the site when the new video-of-the-day is about how some spice can be effective in treating a particular form of arthritis. It would be easy to miss the forest for the trees. That’s why I created this new series of overview videos, which are basically taken straight from my hour-long live 2016 presentation How Not to Die: Preventing, Arresting, and Reversing Our Top 15 Killers (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-not-to-die).

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Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at http://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-not-to-die-from-diabetes and someone on the NutritionFacts.org team will try to answer it.

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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  1. How moderate do you want your diabetes? Haha!
    Moderation in all things is not necessarily a good thing.

  2. Are you supposed to avoid fruits and roots? Im a bit confused? My dads 2hr post eating fruit(banana or papaya) is still over 200mg/dL and it makes him really dizzy.

  3. I have spent a decent amount of my latter career supporting health education and communication through various aspects of our medical system. I was (and remain) saddened by the lack of openness to new science and approaches to improving health. I recently left that system and am currently focused on my own learning and health improvement, along with caring for the elderly loved ones in my life. I will return, in due time, to use my communication and marketing skills to promote that which will benefit quality of life for all people on this planet. Thank you, Dr. Greger, for the amazing work you and your team are doing. God bless you!

  4. Love this guy..Love his passion!!! Rock On Dr. Greger!!

  5. Is Hybetez Remedy useful to cures your hypertension naturally? I have read a lot of good stuff about this Hybetez Remedy (look on google search engine).

  6. not all plant based diets are created equal. I'm sure you're talking about whole food unprocessed plant based diets as opposed to highly refined high carb high processed oil high coconut oil plant based diet. it's also assume that the plant based diet has sufficient EPA and DHA. some people lack the enzyme to convert flax oil to DHA. so without enough EPA and DHA you're probably die from cardiovascular disease before you get diabetes

  7. how does it come that people cure t2-diabetes with a ketogenic diet? riddle me this

  8. Great video!! I was wondering what your position is with regards to Indigenous people with diabetes? In Canada diabetes rates for Indigenous peoples is reaching 10.3% off reserve and 17.2% on reserve. What the Canadian Diabetes Association and the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association promote is of course low-carb, but also traditional which includes hunting and eating animals and a lot of the blame for these growing rates is placed on refined carbs. Some research has also pointed to a possible increased sensitivity to glucose that Indigenous peoples may possess that has lead to Canadian health organizations pushing low carb for these populations. In addition there is also the influence of social determinants of health that would make implementing a plant based diet difficult for remote fly in communities where growing seasons are short and flying in food is expensive. On top of that there is the cultural element as well where veganism is seen as colonial, and hunting is seen as traditional. It's tough to unpack all of this. Is plant based a good option for Indigenous people?
    Thank you!

  9. Dr Greger, I love watching you talk much better. Your enthusiasm makes the video!

  10. Dr Greger. In 2008 the NEJM studies reported that they know the components that cause type 1 diabetes.
    1) genetic predisposition (you cannot get an auto-immune condition that isn't in your genes)
    2) intestinal permeability (causes of: gliadin from barley wheat and rye, glyphosate and all grains etc…)
    3) Bovine protein introduced before the first 3 years of age. (the antigen that gets into the blood that engages the immune system, collateral damage occurs when the immune system mistakes your beta cells instead of the bovine) Bovine and Beta Cells are structurally similar on a molecular level and that is why your immune system cannot tell the difference and attacks you instead of the antigen.
    4) chromium/vanadium deficiencies
    And PubMed.gov reports multiple studies that link the MMR vaccine to the onset of type 1 (auto-immune) diabetes.
    Thank you for finally announcing this 2008 information. No other doctors will even talk about the cause. So it is no wonder that eliminating the cause will reverse disease in some patients. (cause being Dairy and all grains and avoiding vaccines that engage your immune system.
    Thanks for finally bringing this to light.

  11. Dr Greger – can you look into modern day wheat – and discuss the big controversy about how there is really no organic wheat anymore – (they say)- and uncover lies and truths on this subject please?

  12. i was 600lbs morbidly obese then I listened to durianrider's advice and drank 3 liters of sprite a day to lose weight. 6 weeks later I am now 170lbs weight at 9%bodyfat! I am competing in my first natural physique contest this weekend.

  13. I'm going to show this to my mom. Thanks for another great video!

  14. "Everything in moderation".

    In my experience, this is typically said by someone who's ignorant of nutrition and makes up facts on the spot.

  15. Excellent video 🙂 I was Type 2 diabetic… When I was diagnosed I looked at my diet and found that I was still eating all of the foods that I grew up with… All of the sugar, meats and crap… I decided to throw out my Mother's and Grandmother's Cookbook and build my own… I have been slowly writing my own book… "Change the Menu and Change your Life"… Now I am no longer Diabetic but I still have the odd craving for meats… Being that a purely vegetarian diet lacks some elements my body still craves their sources… Meat… So, what to do…??? We cannot get everything we need from one source… There are some things we can get only from meat sources… That's why, as a bit of a "Prepper", I make and store "Pemmican"… I am turned onto a High Fat Diet, Low carbs and moderate Proteins… Even my Pemmican is an example of that… I do not use the traditional recipe, but adjust it to my current diet… Instead or 50/50 meat to fat, I use 25/75 meat to fat and about 15% Berries and additions… I dunno… Maybe you could do some research into my recipe… 🙂

  16. Yeah, you don't have to turn into a dogmatic, militant, angry health nut to get healthy.
    Just adapt to a few better eating habits. Cut way down on meat, dairy, and processed junk.
    Reach for more fruits, veggies, seeds & nuts. Oh, and beans!

  17. so the whole point of this: Diabetes 2 IS A CHOICE!

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