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How to Eat a Fuyu Persimmon: Nutrition, Tips & Preparation

On this episode of Healthytarian Living, host Evita Ochel (http://www.evitaochel.com) shares how to eat a Fuyu Persimmon, including a demo of peeling, cutting and sharing about the fruit’s nutritional benefits.

New to whole-food, plant-based eating? Check out Evita’s complete video course How to Eat Whole-Food, Plant-Based on Udemy: bit.ly/1MiA3qE


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  1. I eat them like apples I love them I grew up with them in Portugal❤


  3. Hi! The skin is not digestible. Just another reason for those who want to peel it vs. eat the skin. Have a great day!

  4. Thank you for sharing this info!! I just got some persimmons but was afraid that they would be awful sour!

  5. It's my most favorite fruite in the world!😛

  6. I don't like fuyu he dry my mouth

  7. Organic fruit is grown with pesticides. Ask any organic farmer you know.

  8. They work great in a dehydrator too, then enjoyed months later.

  9. Can you eat it with a skin

  10. Persimmon and dragon fruit are 2 of my favourite fruits, yum but I don't know where to get dragon fruit from in my area (I'm in NZ)

  11. You can just pop the stem flower off with a butter knife. I NEVER PEEL THESE. I also always slice crosswise as you demonstrate. A commercial slicer works wonders for that. Dehydrated slices are amazing ! And when wrapped around half a pecan, you can expect a total M.O.!!! Drip a couple drops of fresh-squeezed lemon juice and then………wait for it………..SPRINKLE SOME CINNAMON! BAM!!!

  12. Отличная ягода. И женщина, которая может поймать кайф.

  13. When I was 17, I was walking through Sydney, Leichhardt, and I noticed an old guy, he was selling fruit next to Bar Italia (a popular Italian restaurant), he had a large, amazing Italian-styled moustache. I decided to buy some fruit from him. He was pretty cool, he opened the paper bag with a really cool old school air technique. After I said thank you and was about to go, he asked me to try a piece of Persimmon, he called it an egg-fruit, haha. He cut me a piece of the one he was eating and it was delicious! I've enjoyed them every now and again since then, thanks to him! >;D

  14. if they dont have seeds or pits then how do they reproduce?

  15. Long and drawn out, without all the waffle could be a 1 minute video, helpful all the same. 👍🏼

  16. This fruit should have seeds, they have ruined almost all fruit on this planet!!!

  17. thanks…. glad I bought one!

  18. I bought two fuyus two days ago. Just curious how they'd taste. I already ate one and loved it… it tasted like a pumpkin pie with cinnamon on top. But I came to watch your video because I wasn't sure I cut it right, or if it really mattered. lol They are definitely one of my new favorite fruit though.

  19. You are so right, these fruits are soooo tasty they are delicious!! I now eat at least 4 per week.

  20. I love Persimmons when they aren't rip. I like the pop it makes when i eat them.

  21. Look good. The other name for it is Sharon Fruit. Like my home town of Sharon pa

  22. Sweet and Spicy Baby… all night long… you know my Fruit sweet thing? My Persimmon won't let you dowm… It is fortified. …. Ok that is messed up. I was just kidding. I was trying to make you shimmy ova to my Persimmon… U want it Ripe?

  23. Tried one the other day, didn't care for the texture or taste. I actually preferred it with the peel on, though. I'm going to try another one after it gets really ripe.

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