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Medical Profession ‘Brainwashed’ on Cholesterol

Dr. Derrick DeSilva says cholesterol is not the villain that it’s been made out to be. Dr. DeSilva mentions a number of studies and facts about cholesterol that might make you think twice about cholesterol’s role.


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  1. Beware of medical advice from people selling books and supplements

  2. what's up about him and his patients… his answer is twisted….. BS…..

  3. 1. if 40% of people with heart attacks have normal cholesterol, it does not proof that cholesterol is necessary to intake as an animal fat. We make it ourselves all thetime.
    2. Cholesterol medications do not prevent heart attacks since not only cholesterol is a factor, as much as medications themselves. Check out executive heart attack and turnicket test by Caldwell Esselstyn 😉
    3. Heart attack drugs for women less effective than for men? how is it a pro-cholesterol argument?!!
    4.meds are bad

  4. This dude is an amazing actor 😀

  5. I like this guys info but he speaks like a drama queen

  6. "I am only one person but I’ve done a lot. I have provided all the evidence anyone needs to understand the truth about cholesterol. One can no longer claim that the science is too contradictory or confusing. Those with the most influence like Mehmet Oz need to educate themselves, accept reality, and stop harming people". Plantpositive. com

  7. His nickname at the club is 'Triple D'.

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