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Mental Health Court

A look inside one of King County’s theraputic courts for offenders with mental illness.


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  1. So, when you're mentally ill the U.S. Constitution doesn't apply to you? They should have to take them to regular court since they are taking away their freedoms and forcing them to take drugs that cause AKATHISIA AND TARDIVE DYSKINESIA AND DIABETES.

  2. That don't mean one should abuse power just because they can

  3. all they doing bypassing all your humans writes you have no 1st or 2nd ament your giltly and have to get your meds from big pharma the sytopic drugs are triollon dollare binnes it's kind of bullshit that all cilvel writes big government is go communist take over ask these people if there communist are people blind all communist and solluist are trader and should have all there probly siseds they gilty of hi treson and should put on trail.

  4. is that all  mental heath court is stay on your meds and no alcoholic

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