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My Childhood Anxiety And Struggles With Mental Health (Intimate Interview)

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Description: In this powerful interview with Paralympian James Roberts Owner of The Set, Game, Match Podcast I dive deep into my childhood anxiety, today’s social media anxiety cycle, and the right direction for people to take to better their mental health,

How To Regain The Drive To Overcome Anxiety And Change Your Life:

Anxiety can wreak havoc and make life very difficult to live. It is therefore important to get rid of stress and anxiety to be able to live a full life. Below are a few tips on how to regain the drive to overcome anxiety and change your life.

1. Talk about your problems
Find a friend or a family member who you tryst and openly talk about your anxiety and other problems. Getting out your feelings and emotions and seeking support and comfort without any guilt is essential to treatment for anxiety.

It is important to ensure that the person whom you talk to is willing to assist, supportive, and unbiased.

Coaching and therapy is the best options for those who are reeling under the adverse effects of anxiety. Even those who have not been clinically diagnosed with a mental health condition can opt for coaching or therapy; it will help better understand and sort out the varied confusing problems and thoughts that are preventing you from attaining real happiness.

2. Change the focus
Learn how to stop pondering over negative events which you cannot control and refocus all your energies on different positive actions that you can take to overcome anxiety and change your life.

The most obvious question that arises is “What are the steps that you can take to ensure that your life is happier and more joyous?” It is important to note that even when everything seems negative and all probabilities of change seem dim, there is always something that you can do to let the lighter filter through!

In the beginning, you may not know how to overcome anxiety and start the anxiety recovery process. One of the best options is to exercise regularly. It is one of the simplest options and all you need to do is allot some time and engage in whatever form of exercise that best works for you.

Begin exercises for breathing, yoga, meditation, jogging, walking, etc. Exercise can help reduce stress, increase focus and attention that lasts for the day, and enhance physical strength which in turn improves the mood.

3. Work out a phrase/mantra to get out of trying situations
Find an action, a quote, or a phrase that can help you get rid of stress or other life problems that unexpectedly strike you and take hold of you. These actions or phrases should be something that is assimilated within you and can help overcome anxiety.

If you are faced with a particularly challenging task (like social anxiety patient to meet someone new), then you can try a phrase like ‘you can do this!’ You can also try ‘I will come out stronger through this and it will not kill me.’ Or, you can try deep breathing exercises or other actions that distract you from the anxiety causing event.

4. Change the food to change the mood
Avoid eating cookies, candy, cake, or other sweets when you are beset with anxiety. These will only increase the blood sugar levels and trigger rapid mood swings. Drink some green tea or other herbal teas to overcome anxiety.

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  1. Your program brought me clarity and a new meaning to life. Thank you Dennis

  2. I always wonder why your videos haven't gotten more attention, they are so different than what is out there. You healed me from my health anxiety. You are a blessing.

  3. I just quit smoking over 2 weeks ago. im having a hard time with my anxiety right now. 2 days ago i stopped using nicotine aids. so yeah its tough at the moment, but im going to do it. i want to be healthy and active.

  4. I love this interview. Ever since I started ur program Dennis I noticed my best friend for the last 8 years is not the best company for me. He suffers from Anxiety and is a very negative guy. So all of his negative energy/habits rubbed off on me and worsened my anxiety. Amazing discovery I had.

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