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Normal blood pressure for men

Want to know about normal blood pressure readings for men? http://www.bloodpressurehigh.com has lots more information about high blood pressure treatment and answers to all your BP questions and queries.

That’s one of the commonest questions that I’m asked – and it’s important to grasp what the numbers mean – particularly if you need to start taking treatment for high BP problems. If you learn what the BP numbers mean then you’re half way to solving the problems and to getting better control of your symptoms with fewer side effects.


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  1. The American Heart Association just re-defined hypertension in the United States, whereby Hypertension stage 1 is now anything over 130/80, which virtually with the swipe of a pen makes half of all American men now hypertensive. I tend to wonder if the pharmaceutical industry has inspired this decision.

  2. How bout mine 92/53 is that normal?

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  4. Delicately
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  5. What about u pulse if reading over 100

  6. The nice thing about the “yuku shocking plan” (G00GLE it) blood pressure level solution is its simple and uncomplicated content. Within just two nights, I had been able to get all details from the it. On tracking my blood pressure level, the final results went from 148/98 on thanksgiving celebration to 116/78 within Four weeks.

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  10. I found this blood pressure solution “yuku shocking plan” (G00GLE it) for my close friend. His bp of 158/120 was dangerous. Through the help of this program and eating clean, it was able to lessen swiftly normal again. It has gradually decreased and two weeks later with healthier eating his blood pressure is 128/84.

  11. I made use of this product and discovered gratifying results. Right after undertaking the “yuku shocking plan” blood pressure plan I found on G00GLE, my blood pressure was 152/92 during my visit to the clinic. The next time I used it, my blood pressure went back to normal. I keep an eye on my blood pressure and sustain it using this. It provides wonderful outcomes!

  12. A 20-point decrease in my blood pressure level was the result of the “yuku shocking plan” 2-week blood pressure level solution that I searched in Google. But you have to work with exercise (just Thirty five minutes walking). I feel better and my blood pressure isn`t as higher as it was.

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  15. Question, do females have lower blood pressure than males? If so is it due to their size (being smaller on average)?

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  17. why does the American heart site say that you need to take it in 1 minute intervals that dont allow the blood to flow back right my first reading is 135 over 74 then my next two reading in that 1 minute intervals in like 115 over 70 that cant be right. ..if i waite 5 mins to check it it dont go down that low can you answer this for me doc

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  21. what is price in oman plz

  22. Im 25 & have 150 rating is that good ?

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  24. I hear low numbers used to be a concern and are no longer. A marathoners runner is usually very low 93 over 51 even lower.

  25. Is the distance between the numbers important. 136 over 59. I hear the lower number is not as alarming as the upper number.

  26. Thank you for making it so simple !! I'm watching my husband's Blood pressure and the information you share in this video was very clear and helpful.
    Again, Thank You 😉

  27. Treating high BP and re-establishing health and wellness need to be practiced by nutritional means, not pharmacologically. Our cells are created solely from the things we call foods and beverages. Not one cell is made out of drugs.

  28. my blood pressure is SYS 111 and DIA 68, i want to know if is ok…………….

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