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Nutrition Tips For Stargardt’s | Life, Legally Blind ◌ alishainc

I pour my heart and my brain out for you in this one. I share everything I know about Stargardt’s Disease in relation to Nutrition. I studied Nutrition and Food Sciences at Ryerson University and I regurgitated everything you need to know about vitamins and minerals for eye health. This is specifically for Stargardt’s Disease, if you have RP or any other disease DO YOUR RESEARCH. I will not be the reason why your vision worsens. It’s incredibly important that you know what you can ingest based on your dietary needs which will differ from mine. Also, these foods are not a cure for Stargardt’s Disease or a treatment for Macular Degeneration. They will work to promote and prolong your retinal eye health but there are no studies or research to back reverse current damage.

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🔳 Vitamin A
🔳 Zeaxanthin
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🔳 Vitamin C
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🔳 Selenium
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This channel was created to share a passion for style, hair care and lifestyle related videos. Created, filmed and edited by a legally blind person, this guide is proof that you can overcome limitations.
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  1. Hey
    Thanks for the advice.
    But I am just a bit confused about zinc.
    Since it increase the absorption of vitamin A
    Is it good for those with stargardt?

  2. After 8 years and many a misdiagnosis, I took the genetic test in December 2016 confirming Stargardt's. It was such a relief to finally have the true diagnosis. I did so much research on each diagnosis throughout the years, but I had never come across the concern the of excess vitamin A and the Stargardt's gene. Thank you for bringing this information into my life! I've recently made some health changes and have been consuming more vitamin A, unintentionally, by way of broccoli and spinach, etc. I'll definitely be reevaluating my veggie choices. I appreciate you and all you're doing for the low vision community. Much love! Xoxo

  3. Thanks for sharing love! Very helpful video! And yes Vitamin A is so controversial, but again like you said because you can't avoid it, I just decided to live my life and pray about the rest! lol

  4. If you post this on Facebook in a stagard support group, it would help people. But it will. Also create controversies , long ago I posted something about green smoothies, I thought Detox smoothies are good for us. And they all said, noooo!!!! Stay away from greens. Why is that? Nobody explaind.

  5. Thank you for sharing xoxo Theresa

  6. Hi. There is this supplement called Alcar, did you hear about it? It is an amino acid that can prevent aging, therefor it can remove a part of lipofuscin.

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