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Nutrition Tips : How Long Before the Effects of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Are Shown?

Drinking apple cider vinegar has a modest effect on weight loss that might take several weeks for results to surface. Learn about vinegar and weight loss with tips from a licensed dietitian in this free video on nutrition.

Expert: Christine E. Marquette
Contact: www.austinregionalclinic.com
Bio: Christine E. Marquette is a registered and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Todd Green


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  2. debbie do you have native american in you you look it just wondering

  3. What if I don't want to have weight loss, am already slim and just want the other benefits?

  4. Before criticizing a research-based opinion that defers with your perception or anecdotal-based belief, READ THE LITERATURE! Google scholar, with randomized control trial studies as the ideal high quality standard.

    "I think he looks better" and "I lost ten pounds this month" does NOT mean that ACV is absolutely the cause– what other factors played in? Did you drink more water, eat less sugar, walk more, or do any of the things that research proves help with weight loss?

    If you're looking for ACV to be the "magic pill" for your own lack of self control, poor diet regulation, and lack of physical activity, you're probably already making changes from your normal fattening routine that you're not even aware of, which contribute to weight less visible while you're experiencing the placebo effect of ACV.

    So stop being uneducated. Look at the human research yourself– studies who are not funded by ACV-producing companies, for a start. You'll see there's not much clout behind this old wives' tale, except the summary that she gave.

    #Einstein. You don't need to know everything– you just need to know where to find the information you need.

  5. I am doing it again for the 3rd time and and like a few others than myself it hasn't worked. Actually my hair stylist experience plenty of bloatness like myself . I'm doing everything like everyone else but this just doesn't work for me. But I just been laying off eating too much starches and substitute honey for sugar I hope that I will see some results. here's hoping.

  6. obviously we aren't asking how long before the taste effects you…that was kind of stupid to even reference.

  7. Understanding that for most/many that if blood glucose goes down after drinking Apple Cider Vinegar 4-6% (1:35) that would help account for the "modest" weight loss she talked about earlier. Insulin is the body's hormone the body uses to store fat. The lower the sugar the lower the fat

  8. This lady is no doctor………..  Moreover,  she  giving false information.

  9. 2 pounds in a months perfect I just want to loose 4 pounds so is ok lol. just want a flatter stomach that's all coooooooool doc .

  10. this given what food is being consumed as well. its going to be harder to lose weight if you are eating tumasic food. combing a good diet with ACV one will see great results. don't skimp on your self

  11. Thanks for the medical information. I thought about using the vinegar, but I changed my mind and just started exercising, eating right, taking a protein shake called EAS Soy Protein Shake, and I try to get plenty of sleep. I Just started on Feb. 1, 2016 and today is Feb. 5 2016 ..I haven't weighed myself yet and I'm not interested as of right now…but maybe within a month I'll weigh myself. It's too early to tell at the moment.

  12. I don't know where she got her studies from but I as well as others I know have found a difference in a week. I understand that everyone is different but to say it will take a month+ is incorrect.

  13. It's always a DR saying how natural stuff doesn't work so you can keep going to them. I had cancer and an oncologist told me not to eat right and said it wouldn't help my cancer. Needless to say I chose another health care provider.

  14. Lost 3 pounds in 6 days on it. Half a table spoon with about 10 oz of water and teaspoon of honey. Once per day. Just saying.

  15. Thanks for this video.. and i try this nicely!

  16. Well thank you Debbie Downer.

  17. Hello DOC
    I want ask 2 question
    1) can I take ACB in morning before take breakfast?
    2) How much time before take ACV before take lunch and dinner ?
    Note I m not suffering from BP , Cholestrol etc except hair fall and dandruff
    Doc pls suggest me I m so confused

  18. Hello Doc
    I want ask 2 question
    1) Can I take Apple cedar vinegarin morning before take breakfast ?

    2) How much time before take ACV
    Before luncj anf dinner ?
    Mam pls suggest me I m so confused

  19. This is not accurate!…people have lost up to 5 pounds using this

  20. She is full of shit. A.S.V. starts helping with bodyfat loss within a week!

  21. I am doing research making a comparison to what I am Taking.

  22. I have thyroid under active problem plz can u tell me can o take apple cider vaniger

  23. update your evidence, is now 2014, these videos are old…

  24. I take it as a shot and chase it with a couple gulps of water.

  25. I don't think ppl are going to wonder about how SOON they'll taste the vinegar.

  26. you can lose 24 pounds a year.

  27. oh boy !! I bet a zillion humans will cry about the taste when mixed with water ! drink it quit crying ..sissified sheep

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