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Nutrition Tips : Using Chromium Picolinate for Weight Loss

Chromium picolinate has been studied to determine if it promotes weight loss due to its affect on the function of insulin in the body. Find out if chromium piconlinate promotes weight loss with tips from a licensed dietitian in this free video on nutrition.

Expert: Christine E. Marquette
Contact: www.austinregionalclinic.com
Bio: Christine E. Marquette is a registered and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Todd Green


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  1. She's s Dietitian, so probably knows nothing useful

  2. I am currently using chromium picolinate with the idea that it will help me to loose weight. I've been taking it for about 2-3 weeks. It has helped to curb my desire/need for sugar. I am a sugarholic – there, I said it. I am a sugarholic, Sugar has always been my enemy when it comes to trying to shed the pounds.

    These pills have helped me to cut down on my enormous sugar intake. I still eat sweets but without overindulging. I also have the desire to eat healthier food. I have lost a bit (nothing to write home about) and I am encouraged by the fact that I have more control over my sugar intake. I'm not feeling stressed out because I'm not eating my favorite chocolate ALL the time. There have been a couple of days where I didn't eat any sugar and with a bit of work I believe I can go even more days without the desire for sugar.

    Before I started these pills I would think about where I would be getting my next sugar fix and where I would go if the store was sold out of my favorite. Those thoughts have become less and less as the days go by. At the end of the day I would argue that just by me eating less sugar I will be able to loose weight. Of course taking walks will add to the process.

  3. Shed 10 years in 10 weeks book the MD recommends this Chromium picolinate.Saying that our body naturally makes this but as we age we lose this.

  4. yes, sell your ugly chemicals to destroy humans, right?

  5. OK so forget about weight loss for the minute. What about general health? Do we even need chromium for anything?

  6. This really does work for losing weight & so do apple cider vinegar pills. No joke!!!! These 2 pills are the only pills I have ever taken in my life to lose weight that actually work & they are both cheap to buy.

  7. That was not helpful really with out sharing where the studies really come from…

  8. To me you sound like a pill pusher the Doctors who give pills for profit for pharmaceuticals. Is this true

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  10. It worked on my I have a same diet samr st7ff everyday because I wanted to gain weight and muscle mass I knew insulin proceesed in the right way helps muscle growth eg igh-1 this to me proved affective but I losed body fat which was noticeable but stayed the same weight or close to it works for weight lose if you eat the right foods not junk and things

  11. Hello, have you tried Bellyfattack ? Just have a look on Google. There you will discover an important free video presentation by an established doctor revealing the right way to burn body fat. This made it possible for Sheila to reduce her belly fat. Hopefully it will work for you also.

  12. I've been taking it for a little bit now, and it's acutally curbed my appetite as it's promised. Or maybe it's just the power of suggestion….

  13. it does miracles in my metabolizing ……..so it does work

  14. My family laughed when I told them I would shed pounds with Fat Blast Factor, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on google for Fat Blast Factor to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

  15. que lo pngan en español o latin por favor vayvay

  16. their lying guys its a great supplement for weight loss .

  17. I use it, it works, period…

  18. I've only just heard of chromium picolinate. Someone was telling me about it and it sounded to good to be true. Everything that i've looked at so far has been not been so positive. I'm glad I researched a little bit before I blew money on it.

  19. I use to take chromium picolinate, and that was a time when I was overweight. All I can tell you is that it helped me lose the weight and it worked and it worked for me. I stop taking it because I was at my normal weight, Now over the years I picked the weight back up and I'm going to try it again. It works

  20. As they say in Scientology….PROVE IT!!! When you have the proof that you're saying in this video, then I'll believe what you're trying to preach. The FDA is only trying to make money on us being unhealthy. FUCK THE FDA!!!

  21. It works for me and millions of others…

  22. What about chromium picolinate and individuals with insulin resistant issues and/or PCOS?

  23. @savvy1954, Marijuana is one of the least harmful drugs…but depending on the method of consumption it can be detrimental to your health in the long run. The inhalation of smoke from organic materials can cause various health problems. I'm pro-legalization by the way, but lets not throw out comments like "drugs that are illegal are not hazardous"…like I said, I'm all for the legalization of marijuana, but unfounded vague arguments aren't gonna make it happen.

  24. I'm going to give it a try. Sometimes I feel hungry for no reason – for example after already eating recently. I avoid carbs and sugars. I also suffer from a lot of stress as being a student and unemployed during a recession in a foreign country. Also, if I crave food at night, I have difficult sleeping, so it's an ongoing cycle.

  25. can u tell me the disadvantages of using Chromium Picolinate? I don't have periods anymore, I lost weight, and I used for one month only…what are the risks of using those diet pills?

  26. When does the medical industry talk positive about something that does not provide them any profit? Maybe this doctor can answer this question for me? why did it take the FDA a long time to remove deadly medications such as vioxx? and why did they immediately remove ephedra when only few reports of deaths were reported?

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