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Smart Dieting – How to diet and lose weight fast for MEN & WOMEN – BeerBiceps Diet Advice

I see people talking about hardcore weight loss diets all day, everyday. The one thing people don’t talk about is the practicality of that particular diet. I feel that IF you’re a man or woman trying to overcome weight problems, you need guidance with DIETING MENTALITY more than a written diet. Now very soon i will be coming out with a written diet, but even that is based on the concepts i’ve spoken about here. This is one of the most legit diet advice videos I’ve put out. So if you’re wondering how to diet and lose weight fast, this is the video for all you men and women. Fat loss diets have never been more simplified. Here’s step one to a realistic diet for weight loss. Indian men & women everywhere, this one is made keeping you guys in mind. Hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚


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  1. I recently read about blood type diet…can you talk about it? if it actually works or its a waste

  2. thank you sir. you r helping a lot

  3. Ketogenic diet is mostly of fat and less protein.but u r saying to avoid fat and eat protein…can u plz solve the confusion

  4. Best of u only this will help me this is so good

  5. Best channel bro ✌️ can you science the shit out of veins πŸ˜€??

  6. I dont eat sugar alot …only in the morning time I take tea with little sugar but I think I am not fit

  7. How to gain muscle or weight

  8. Ranveer need help to lose weight. m a regular gymmer , battling wt loss. On bedrest now due to a broken ankle. started keto. pls suggest exercises to keep myself active.

  9. I've been binge watching your videos now πŸ˜› Really love your channel, it's really informative and I love that you have a full playlist for women fitness. Even if I workout I find it hard when it comes to my diet so this video was helpful. Thanks for sharing<3

  10. I eat eggs and paneer. Please help me to get on right diet

  11. I need your help..It's my 8th day of keto diet..and I have not lost even a single gram of weight.. I hv not cheated and stayed under 20 g carbs and 900 calories.

  12. My dietician recommend me having 5 almonds and 2 whole walnuts after my workout to complete my fat content. Since my family uses less oil we don't really get that much fat content in our diet.

  13. Is Coke Zero normal to drink while dieting?

  14. Hey Ranveer,thank you so much for putting out these informative fitness videos! These are helping me out a lot and I hope you keep up the good job!πŸ‘

  15. do red chillies lead to gaining weight

  16. But what about vegeterian lean protein?

  17. hey mate, I want you to make a fat loss video for teenagers where you discuss details even like consuming milk, I get really confused when my parents say khaega ni to chota rehjaega like things and all typical taunts. like I am 15 and I have that kinda heavy physique you had . and trust me bro I am really looking forward for the day when I can post my picture with that lean body I desire on Instagram and giving all the credits to beer biceps🍺

  18. doesn't v get weaker by following such diet??

  19. hey …i loved ur videos πŸ™‚ i already lost 25kgs of weight with working out n clean eating but after my marriage with huge bad eating i gained some weight, i still work out daily but i have a sweet tooth which i cant get rid of n for that i indulge sweets ice cream n chocolates 2-3 times a week n sometimes i go crazy πŸ™ thats why m not losing weight any more …how to curb my sweet tooth ?? plz help @beerbiceps

  20. just take all egg whites in a plastic bowl cover it with a lid.. put it in microwave for 45 sec.. have ur. amazingly perfectly round omelette..d this is without a single drop of oil… itna awesome banega .. app soch bhi nahi sakte…

  21. dude y r u jumping and talking aap sote hue bhi bologe toh bhi log sunenge coz u talk great stuff..

  22. wh should we eat instead of sugar?

  23. I m proud of an indian as u

  24. Why is he shaking this much while speaking ?πŸ€”

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