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Stigmatized: Black Churches and Mental Health

Black Churches and Mental Health. Why are there mental health stigmas in communities of color and how can we break them? #MinorityMentalHealthAwarenessMonth

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  1. Apostle Paul don't run nothin' with me!

  2. this is what i'm talking about….right here! I've waited for someone to come along and say something to the masses because this is an ongoing issue among black churches. as a child growing up in a small town in southwest Michigan in the late 80's and early 90's I was/still a victim of stigma in the C.O.G.I.C. or whatever black churches are here in Kazoo my family members are churchgoers and are caught in a huge spider web and they don't even know it!!! … it's about time someone brought this up and talks about this issue in the churches and their SO-CALLED faith. i say it's blind faith at best….we need to be united instead of backbiting and drama and hearsay and killing each other that's what the oppressor want us to do so he don't get his hands dirty. this is why i left the church in this part of the country in southwest Michigan altogether…..
    embrace Pan- African studies learn all your powerful history before america! …..HOTEP!

  3. LACDMH Access phone # 24/7 1-800-854-7771


  5. What type of food do you eat?
    You say,"soul food."
    Was that the food of or ate by black Indians and African people?
    Slave foods. The foods that we find most satisfying. The foods that we say," sticks to our ribs."
    The foods that our big mammas and Madeas call," down home."
    Foods that we learned to eat in the slave quarters.
    And yet we dare say the we escaped slavery.
    That we have nothing to do with those people back then.
    But our whole social life and relationships and our whole definitions of ourselves is mediated by the foods of slaves.

    "You are what you think and you think how you eat."

  6. get rid of the churches is the first problem already taken care of

  7. Nearly cried. What an honest and courageous video. Thankyou! X

  8. For Christian leaders, it is a matter of training and awareness. To some degree, it can be helpful for someone to go to a spiritual leader as a first resort; however, a good pastoral caregiver would be knowledgeable enough to know his or her limits. He or she can (and should) make a referral for the parishioner to seek professional help whenever necessary. The church can (and should) still be a place or community of support for individuals facing mental health concerns, but just like any medical concern, it should not seek to solve the issue in-house or see it as something that can solely be resolved spiritually. The Black Church, in particular, has to take this matter more seriously by addressing the mental health stigma in the black community and by encouraging people to get the help they need.

  9. As "religious" person I agree with this video

  10. religious people don't know shit about mental health. it's all demons and devils and blame shifting.

  11. mental health counseling requires a bachelors degree. unfortunatly it is a bachelors degree in anything… not just psychology. and people with a Bachelors are not trained to effectively help others

  12. I can kind of empathize. My family is Jewish. Every time I feel horribly depressed, one of my relatives has to mention that my ancestors lived through the Holocaust. It implies that your problems are not as important as other peoples' problems. There's so much stigma against mental illness and it's a huge problem.

  13. Get out of the fuckings churches and religions that are meant to controls the people by means of FEAR and SHAME……..

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