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Top 5 Features of the Lenovo Yoga Book!

I want to thank Lenovo for sponsoring this video!
Learn more about the Yoga Book: http://bit.ly/ShopYogaBook
Watch all Yoga Book videos: http://bit.ly/YogaBookPlaylist

Find the Lenovo YogaBook here: http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/tablets/lenovo/yoga-book/yoga-book-android/

Top 5 Features of this Budget friendly tablet, the Lenovo YogaBook. With Android Marshmallow, the new halo keyboard, and slim design, is this the tablet/laptop of 2016?

Sponsored by Lenovo.

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  1. Didnt talk anything about the fact that this thing is extremely uncustomizable considering you can't get a customer recovery or root on this thing

  2. Gaming teeest please!!!!

  3. I guess i just got lucky that i got mine on clearance at walmart xD (btw could you make a vid on how to root it? thanks!)

  4. In finland that prices 375€

  5. 15 hours of battery life?!
    LOL, fool.

  6. Would you consider this laptop to be more useful than a Chromebook or would you consider it as more of a niche/gimmick device?

  7. Siete poco seri, almeno rispondete alle email…
    quando la gente ordina dal vostro sito… non eddebitate i soldi se non consegnate i PRODOTTI…

  8. whats going on guys its UrSponsoredConsumer

    no hate
    its just a joke

  9. we have it in singapore for $899 🙁

  10. It's great but the bezels ouch and only 4gb of ram it would be much better if it had 8gb of ram even I'll settle with 6gb.

  11. the yogabook is amazing and i love the design but it's sad how the screen is so small so i can't really use it for school 🙁

  12. Is Android beter or win 10 with this book

  13. Can I do Photoshop on it ?I mean it has a Wacom Tablet so

  14. The average consumer of a product like this isnt a 39 year old american black man who talks like a fake creep.
    Just saying.

  15. Guys, pls, which one you'd go for, Windows or Android? My main concern is memory management, as Windows 10 is full-blown Windows I assume it would eat more memory out of the box. What do you think?

  16. the video quality is awesome. it's TV worthy.

  17. Excpt writing typing and drawing what else we can do with second screen?

  18. nice video!! tahnk you!! can you please test and confirm if the Lenovo yoga book has miracast or intel widi?? can I project its screen to my smart tv wirelessly? and if you have a lumia 950 , can you beam continuum sessions onto the book wirelessly?? thankyou!!

  19. who the best abowt this taplet android or windos

  20. Really trying to decide between a windows or android book? Can anybody give me the pros and cons of both

  21. This is a commercial, guys. Not a review, as you may think.

  22. Thumb up just for that Saber fight

  23. anybody knows the title of the anime playing at the end of the video?

  24. What are your thoughts on the keyboard? I'm skeptical, mostly because I'm not particularly a fan of typing on on-screen keyboards, and this appears to be a similar experience. Comments?
    Also, regarding the paper/pen creation and note-taking, while you said you can use paper other than the paper from the pad- can you use a pen other than the pen provided?

  25. very scripted to be overly positive. cant help but doubt its authenticity. feels like a sponsored ad

  26. can i replenish the pages of the book pad once the pages are finished and can the pen cartilage be refilled???

  27. You get a major thumbs up from me just because of Fate/Zero.

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