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Understanding Cholesterol (Heart Basics #5)

Cholesterol. You hear the word a lot. But what exactly is Cholesterol, and why should you be concerned about it?Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru: http://www.healthguru.com/?YT


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  1. This nigga looks like he has high cholesterol.

  2. Good friend on Statins for 7-8 yrs for cholesterol & he just had quadruple bypass. It is sugar, carbs, toxins, & junk that cause inflammation & plaque NOT cholesterol. LCHF diet for energy & health. Navy Seals know this. Research it,…a lot. plenty of info out there.

  3. Not True !!!!!!! This is why USA is not No.1 in health, with all the money spent in Medical Industry . Not No. 2 either, or 3 or 4 or 5,…or 20th, We were 30th ! And recently heard 40th, possibly ? FDA & Big Pharma (sleep together) run the medical schools & control your bad health for profits !!

  4. So how does ketchup cause it

  5. As a matter of fact, you can evaluate your LDL stability by looking into the content of Triglyceride (TG) in your lipid profile. A person with elevated TG will have more small dense LDL cholesterol of which is more prone to oxidation and causing atherosclerosis plaque development. Thus, do not undermine your TG in addition to your HDL and LDL levels in assessing cholesterol and heart disease risk.

  6. I am strongly agree with what Jorge Luis Garcia commented. This is the LDL fact that your doctors usually do not tell you. Thus, putting everyone with high LDL on the statin drugs that might be deteriorating liver function over a long period of treatment.

  7. Saying that High LDL is bad is generic, LDL particles are not the same, LDL a, are big and fluffy not oxidized particles that are harmless but LDL b, are small, dense and oxidized and are the ones that penetrate the vascular endothelium that at the end causes atherosclerosis. High LDL a, low LDL b, Ok. Low LDL a and high LDL b, not good and what causes high LDL b, to be higher than LDL a, high carbohydrates diet, high consumption of "vegetable oil" (oil from cereals), processed foods…etc. Oh…, BTW, the good Dr. on the video is in need to cut back on his high carbohydrates diet. Free tip !!

  8. Excellent video!

    I was having 260 cholesterol and my daughters were very worried.

    My friend suggested me to use "cholesterol" mobile app which motivated and helped me to have good foods.

    Within 1 month, my cholesterol reduced to 220 now and my family is happy!

    Thank you!

  9. 🙁 im 80 kg and im still 13 i do some karate and basket ball but didnt help ;((

  10. I'm sure he's a doctor! He's definitely not wearing a fake doctors outfit and reading cue cards while awkwardly staring at the camera.

  11. drinking alcohol also increases cholestrol

  12. Thanks David, I will check out Taube's book. It is unfortunate, but I think its because we have yet to fully acknowledge that having as much freedom as we do demands that we educate ourselves so we can make informed decisions.

  13. • Misspelled in my 1st post, corrected in all others
    • Was pulling the name from memory and has no impact on what I posted
    •You will have to specify how I've gotten these two confused
    • 'The concentration of total cholesterol in the blood serum bears an important relationship to the development of atherosclerosis and its…' quoted from Atherosclerosis: A Problem In Newer Public Health. Cholesterol is the main focus of 5 of that papers 11 conclusions.
    • acknowledged and corrected in other post

  14. He spelled half of his name correctly! (You actually misspelled both first and last names in a comment you left on another page approximately 20 minutes ago!) But spelling is not what concerns me. The kid is 24/25 and is interested in a tough topic. I like that he appears open-minded and has opinions that run contrary to popular belief. You seem to be well-versed on this issue based on what I have read on your page. I might have said 'well-played' to you had one of your comments hit my eye!

  15. Well played, sir. Nice to see someone on the ball. This story is nicely described in Gary Taubes' book 'The Diet Delusion' (Good Calories Bad Calories in the USA). It is fascinating that one man can wrongly influence the way we think about one of the main diseases affecting humanity.

  16. He looks like he has high cholesterol . I love how fat ass unhealthy looking doctors promote wellness.

  17. the doctor read the teks..

  18. LOL so can tell he is reading cue cards

  19. Interesting you make no mention of Triglycerides. It is important to understand that the ratio of HDL to TRIGLYCERIDES is a better predictor than any on whether you are on you way to a heart attack. You want High HDL and Low triglycerides as this indicates whether or not you have the pattern A LDL (large buoyant) or pattern B (small dense (bad)) LDL. It is well known that saturated fat raises HDL. From an Endocrinologist Dr R Lustig – explains it very well youtube "sugar the bitter truth" for a

  20. I worked as a nurse for a Primary care MD and he didn't have any time to read studies but Drug reps were in there every day giving him "info" on all the recent studies and feeding us lunch.

  21. How can a modern disease come from eating something we've always eaten. More than likely it's due to high carb processed foods that are now rampant in our society and stress

  22. You are right about it being 22 not 27 countries though. I was going from memory at the time so sorry about that. Thanks for pointing it out though :).

  23. Finally, I have only read a summary of the Y&H paper so what you say may very well be true. For the moment am I unable to access it but will post back after I have read the methodology. Have you read that paper? If not lets both read it. According to the summary of the Y&H paper, however, the following countries were also excluded: Australia,Canada,Ceylon,Chile,Denmark,GB,Holland,Ireland,Israel,NZ,Portugal,W.Germany. Many of these countries had excellent data so make of this what you will.

  24. A summary of the following paper (Report of the conference on low blood cholesterol: mortality associations.) by Jacobs et.al. concludes that the results of the 7 countries test did not come from random data sets (could be a result of cherry picking, convenience, bad practice, etc). The summary also states that the results Jacob's study do not support those of the 7 countries test. The criticism that the 7 countries test data is 'lacking' is, therefore, neither unfounded nor ludicrous

  25. you mean i can base my diet around saturated fats?

  26. You rarely hear it because it's not true.

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