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VIDEO: What Causes High Blood Pressure? | drsinatra.com


Listen as integrative cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra explains the major causes of high blood pressure and how to lower it naturally with traditional and alternative therapies.


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  1. I'm 46… My blood pressure is 173 over 117 when I went to the dentist.

  2. waste of my time he talks in dr talk not something i can understand i feel stupid for watching this

  3. That's fantastic and so simple to follow.

  4. I am 19 year's old….Male…….i have a biood Pressure 80-180……Hight..5.7,,,,,,73 kg

  5. Thanks for the informative video. I liked how you mentioned EMOTIONAL STRESS causing high blood pressure. I've been through a lot of emotional stress the past month and a half. Some people through their words, behavior, and actions with and towards me added to my emotional stress. The emotional stress made my blood pressure rise. I was crying a lot for the past two months because of it. The high blood pressure affected my vision. I'm now taking things like Lutein with Zeaxanthin, Magnesium, Omega-3, using more eye drops, taking some oxygen supplement pills, etc. as a result. I just want to say that people need to be mindful & careful of the way they talk and treat other people. Because the upset, hurt, and pain they cause other people leads to emotional stress which then leads to high blood pressure, which then leads to additional medical issues for some people. So, yeah, people need to learn to be kinder & nicer to other people & try not to engage in bad, upsetting, hurtful behaviors towards others that add to emotional stress of people. I'm speaking from my experience. So, I'm glad that you mentioned emotional stress & not just physical factors. Thanks for sharing your information.

  6. I find a triple shot of Rum will cause it in seconds , I have a valve stem in my shoulder where I screw a psi gauge on with a memory , last time I drank the memories were 210/95 , it must have bin in the neighbourhood of 300lb per square inch

  7. i need to know what the metals in air mean ect. .. :/

  8. Way to put it, Doc. Yes. I agree with others who say "nothing new". Well, yes. The "new" here is the way you're saying it. "conventional" doctors can't even imagine what the cause really is, even though is under our noses. Thank you for explaining it so clearly.

  9. Not much of a revelation here….environmental and emotional stress.

  10. Excellent video- best one on YT that explains exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks 🙂

  11. Well define Doctor. I agree.

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