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Weight Loss & Fitness Tips: Best Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss | Tips to Lose Weight & Get Healthy

Weight Loss & Fitness Tips: Easy Ways to Lose Weight & Get Healthy | Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss | #ChetChat

Click on this link to watch Karishma Chawla of Eat Rite 24×7 give weight loss tips and fitness tips, discuss how to lose weight fast and 33 tips on how to lose weight easy at home. Look out for a weight loss diet plan, high protein diets and how to stop overeating. Focus on nutrition for weight loss with a nutritionist who gives best nutrition tips for weight loss and nutrition for general fitness.

Karishma is a certified nutritionist with a specialisation in fitness and in this interview on weight loss she gives her 34 top weight loss tips in the most inspirational weight loss video

1. What should be my ideal body weight – focus on ideal body composition, maintain a low body fat percentage and good muscle tone. This way you are not prone to diabetes, PCOS and obesity
2. Carbs – emphasize on good carbs – jowar, bajra, oats, quinoa, instead of white rice and refined flour.
3. Weight loss nutrition tips – stick to one Keep the servings of carbs low
4. Nutrition advice for weight loss – Combine fibre and protein for a complete meal
5. Eating after 8 pm – what you eat two hours before bedtime is important. Carbs are a source of energy, if the energy is not going to be expended then it gets stored as fat.
6. Know your body type – for endomorphs avoid having carbs in the night
7. Weight loss tricks – Snacking options – ideal food to eat post dinner – good nuts, skim milk, skim curd, sprout salad
8. Weight loss diet plan – Eat the right quality of foods every 2 hours
9. High Protein diet – have adequate proteins at regular intervals
10. How to stop overeating and reduce cravings – cinnamon water helps reduce cravings
11. Focus on your goals
12. Best nutrition tips for weight loss – Conquer sweet tooth – consume 75% dark chocolate or figs and raisins sparingly
13. Protein – for every 1 kg of lean mass you carry you should consume 1 gram of lean protein
14. How to increase your BMR – consuming high thermogenic foods every 2 hours increases your BMR – Basal metabolic rate
15. Drinking adequate water is imperative
16. Fitness tips and tricks – exercise regularly – cardio, strength training and yoga for flexibility and stress management. This will complete the fitness circle
17. Nutrition advice for weight loss – Have whey protein in water instead of skipping meals
18. Supplements – consider supplements of protein powder, vitamins, antioxidants and probiotics
19. Women health diet ideas – How to deal with PCOS – inculcate diet, exercise and discipline
20. PCOS Tips – have good carbs in lower quantities
21. Good proteins – skim milk, skim curd, skim paneer, lean chicken, fish, egg whites
22. PCOS remedies – olive oil 2/3 tbsps a day and essential fatty acids / omega 3 acids from fish, fish oil caps or flaxseeds
23. PCOS Tips – exercise regularly – cardio and strength training
24. Nutrition for general fitness – Strength training increases BMR for 8 hours
25. Oils to consume – olive oil, groundnut oil and rice bran oil
26. Essential fatty acids, omega 3 – fish oil caps and flaxseeds
27. Salad dressings – lo fat curd, lemon juice, vinegar, herbs and spices
28. When eating out, call for the salad dressing on the side and have 2 tsps max
29. Fasting is not recommended for weight loss
30. Symptoms that your body needs a detox – mood swings, acne, inability to move, sluggishness, fatigue
31. Weigh yourself between 7 and 15 days
32. Keep a food journal
33. Monitor how you feel rather than how many kgs you have lost
34. Never Give up

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