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What is LDL Cholesterol and How Statin Lowers LDL

Patient Mentoring Series: One of the reasons why we are able to achieve high treatment success rate and low event rate is our patient’s adherance of treatment program. Patient mentoring using simple graphics and animations can help patient comprehend the nature of their disease, how the medcations work and what are the expected beneficial outcomes.


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  3. I used statin for 3 weeks My wife begged me to throw them away so I did & not too soon as that same week my legs seized up and my hands developed arthritis the legs not working was weird- some times good other times so painfull I just froze – it took just over a year to recover from the Statin poison & a doctor recommended them – thank goodness for my wifes research skills My cholestrol is 300 & at 40 I was told I had 6 months to live that was 24 year ago Now I'm 64 & active & healthy & strong

  4. if your LDL is below 200 I'd start to worry – thankfully mine is around 300 and I am in top condition with no health problems – heart attack victims usually have normal cholesterol anyway (200 to 300 is best) not one person has ever died from cholesterol but instead from over indulgance of processed foods and a lack of fruit, veges, eggs, fat the main enemies are Sugar, Stress and Transfatty acids – the body doesn't make a single chemical / molecule that is bad for you – not one. Statins kill

  5. I thought this was quite informative, it doesnt need a mic to give out the information so…

  6. Say Selena Gomez 5 times clap your hands 5 times then check your voice

  7. There is an invention called the "microphone"… yeah say it with me … MIC-RO-PHONE… (very good) to help you to explain your animation so it is worth posting.

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