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Which Is Worse: Anxiety or Depression?

In this video, author and depression counselor Douglas Bloch compares the painful states of anxiety and depression and asks, “Which is worse?” It turns out that each is debilitating in its own way..

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  1. Anxiety has stopped me trying to be an artist. I'm now 34.

  2. I thought anxiety was just people overreacting until I had it and became bedridden for a month straight.

  3. If I'm severely depressed I at least can go to sleep. If I'm severely anxious I can't even move without thinking I'm going to die.

  4. 1. Ocd thoughts( i had many), it's awful, ocd it's more of anxiety 2. Depression, horible because you cant function but you cant function with ocd thoughts too so…. at least with depression you are not tormented with this horible thoughts that cause you panic and cant stop from thinking them.

  5. I feel both sorry for and so incredibly impressed by all of us who walk this perilous path.

  6. Thank you Douglas and Noah. Very insightful and helpful too.

  7. my personal choice
    it's a crippling disease that
    affects the human…body..
    work.being active..social life
    ..it robbs you of everything
    interests..joy..love life..etc..
    but than again..anxiety is
    also still bad..but NOT as
    worst as DEPRESSION..my
    experience with depression
    has been so debilitatong to
    the point..that it had me go
    through the worst episodes
    of suicidal ideation..i would
    think about how many ways
    to END THE PAIN😒😭..
    ..you hear people committ
    suicide because of
    DEPRESSION..but nobody
    committs suicide because
    of ANXIETY(panic attacks)..
    so therefore my opinion is

  8. For me, anxiety is worse as I can handle depression with SSRI's and SSNI antidepressants.As a general comment interest drives out depression as the brain switches its energy to finding out something new of interest.

  9. Hi, revisiting a number of Douglas's videos during what has been a set-back day/week. Sometimes it is one step forward and two or three back. Your videos are just so useful, especially to know not alone, albeit in in the UK. Wish I was in Portland. For me I think the development of anxiety, through living through a prolonged period of 'fight or flight', on a very high level of adrenalin, eventually led to the depression, especially when I found myself, perhaps ironically, in a better place, but the brain chemistry and lack of available therapy, led to a 'crash', which was part exhaustion induced. So the adrenalin switched off to reveal that I had no serotonin running. ( Any research to suggest that high adrenalin interferes with serotonin levels?) The causes of depression and anxiety are so individual – we know there are very prevalent life events that trigger, however some people manage these and some don't, thus the uniqueness and sometimes complexity of the causes and triggers, which leads me to suggest that the treatments need to be very individual, even though we know the top 5 -10 things to do will help. Currently the lack of support therapy to talk through and understand how I got 'here', would I think lead to a clearer path as to how to get out of 'it'. Thanks to both of you for this discussion, very useful.

  10. Yo Dougie, hope you don't mind me calling you Dougie πŸ˜› Just thought I should let you know you're a good person πŸ™‚ Thanks for dedicating your time to helping people with mental illness, it is MUCH, MUUUUUUUCH needed. Same to Noah too.

  11. I face and accept my anxiety and tell it I'll heal and it just takes some time. I face depression with thoughts of looking at happy things and looking towards a happy future. Like what you hope to experience in the future. But know that you do not need to be a successful person with a lot of money in order to have a fun and fulfilling life. Don't only blame yourself for failures. And that you gain experience on life every year so look forward to it. You're living for others not just yourself. Contribute to society any way you can even if you don't have a job. Helping others or just being nice and greeting others is enough to make others happy.

  12. Anxiety is the worse for me. With depression I generally go and get busy with something to get my mind off my problems. Anxiety sometimes keeps me up all night and I can't sleep. I fall to sleep shortly and I will wake up with a zap of anxiety about something I am worried about. And once I fall to sleep I wake up with a zap of anxiety or worries start crossing my mind. If something stressful happens during the day it makes it come on worse. It is mental torture, that is for sure.

  13. I do not feel comfortable identifying myself with depression. Actually the psychosomatic consequences that comes after a period of anxiety is what makes me dread these episodes of "mood disturbances". It affects three areas. The first thing I can notice is my sleep and ability to fall asleep and stay asleep degrades. And then I get constipation and soon indigestion and finally I completely lose appetite. At the same time I feel nauseated and that is the point when I cannot take it any longer.

    I'm well used to whatever going inside my head and not even aware much of those ruminating thoughts anymore. So it it hard for me to do something like thought records; another reason being there is so much information processed in my head that it would take days to write what goes in my head in a minute.

  14. Hi Douglas, I sent you an email via Gmail with regards to some questions about anxiety and depression. Kindly check your gmail and I really hope to hear from you soon πŸ™‚

  15. Depression is awful but panic attacks and anxiety are so scary πŸ™ . Therefore I'd say anxiety and panic disorder is worse but to me it's a matter of opinion and personal view

  16. hahha funny. I feel overwhelmed when i have to dress up and go to shop. And i dont have any social problems or agarophobia πŸ™‚

  17. is it that what was first that means its what you should treat? I.mean if first i had anxiety and panick attacks and then the depression came that means that i got depression from my anxiety right? And mayby the treatment should focus on anxiety then?

  18. hi guys. if we have a depression and anxiety but we are diagnosed for axiety as a main one then the treatment is different to those who are also having both but main one is depression? the medication is the same right? But is it easier to heal from anxiety maybe?

  19. I agree with you. I know I'm relapsing when anxiety takes control of me… It's anxiety that leads me to panic at least twice a day. Terrifying.
    Thanks again. It's AWESOME to have finally found someone who speaks the same language.

  20. depression is worse. atleast with anxiety you can get medication which will fix your awful feeling pretty much straight away. if you have bad anxiety people will understand. if you are depressed people just think you are lazy. but fuck both of them

  21. I would say anxiety is worse. Even if the medication/therapy can slightly help depression and I get some energy to live, anxiety prevent me from just going though a day or moving forward, and make me depressed again. Also, many people take depression seriously, but not anxiety. I feel I'm just weak.

  22. so well explained great work buddy 😎

  23. You're definitely right when you say both are at a 9 it is worse. That's when I feel most out of control and irrational, I feel like I really need to do something about my depression at that point and it ain't good. Good news is all of this awfulness really does end. I started mirtazapine 12 days ago and now I feel I want to cry out of happiness and pure emotion. My derealisation has gone, I can feel love and light just generally tends to fall on everything differently. I'm genuinely enjoying doing things I used to enjoy again. Just waiting for my confidence to return now and the irritability to diminish. Honestly guys if you're watching this feeling hopeless, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. YOU WILL BE OK. Bare that in mind and you can do this.

  24. When I was having anxiety attack, ice pack helped.

  25. Your absolutely right when you said both suck! But I thank God I found you Mr. Bloch- in a horrendous depression I googled suicide and by chance your website came up and reading your story it turns out ours is so similar. I too was thrown into an anxiety fueled depression ( it felt more like an oppression!) You gave me hope to keep fighting and working through. Your book "Healing from Depression " has become my mental health bible. Thankyou again for caring and sharing all your knowledge. It's a dark journey, but you show us there is light coming….

  26. I feel that I am able to control my anxiety better than depression. Both are terrible but depression just shuts me down almost completely sometimes.

  27. I think for me, the anxiety has been much harder to deal with, since it has persisted for such a longer time, and it is usually the trigger for my depression. the more anxious I am, the more my self esteem drops and I start losing all hope. My anxiety also prevented me from getting medical treatment for a long time because I only kept thinking of the wost case scenario, instead of accepting the fact that it might actually help me.
    But I'm over that hump, and I'm learning to trust the process

  28. Anxiety is pretty easy for me I feel uncomfortable and stuff but I mean as long as I don't feel lots of physical pain I'm good. When I'm really depressed my depression just shuts out all nervous inner explosion and I just kinda am like "Meh I'm too sad and tired to deal with this and I just fall alseep"

  29. For me depression is worse, I can deal with anxiety because of sports. If you're super anxious but not so depressed think of it like this you're not that special I'm sorry lol. No one is obsessively thinking about you like you are yourself.

  30. Anxiety; the demon that drives your mind to a million miles an hour, makes you feel mentally insane, causes constant overthinking and a constant state of fear and panic 24/7.
    Depression: The demon that surrounds you with a black hole and clouds your eyes. Makes you want to die rather than live. Puts up curtains around your home and blocks out the sun from your life.
    Your job: to be the damn hero who slays these demons and sends them back to the hell they came from. Now go out there and slay some demons you tough motherfucker.

  31. I don't think I got anxiety as bad as I got depression, since people I've met you have more anxiety seem to think it's worse.
    for me depression is worse since it seems so to never go away but with anxiety a couple glasses of wine and Playstation seemed to always do the trick. however with anxiety the sense of urgency, the need to stop the feeling it, was much greater. I think if I had anxiety more often or more intensely I would probably think that is worse.

  32. I'm glad this video came out. This weekend my anxiety and depression skyrocketed because of some things that happened from some people I thought I could trust. They both absolutely suck. They are both so painful. Depression makes you want to stay in bed and sleep and anxiety makes you restless and think about every single stupid thing you've done. I'm so tired and yet I can't sleep. This has been by far the absolute worst part of this depressive episode so far. I'm emotionally exhausted too. I'm going to talk to someone in Wednesday and maybe go on from there. I have such a hard time trusting people, but at this point what choice do I have?
    Thanks for the awesome well timed video. Can't wait for the next one.

  33. I follow both you guys and think it's great that you have been coming together for these recent videos. Thank you both.

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