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Women Over 50 Diet Fitness Health Workout Weight Loss Tips WHAT I EAT IN A DAY Video

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  1. wow, the haters and mean people just come out of their dank basements to throw down some shade! Girl, you look awesome and I would cut off a toe with a scissors to have a bod like that! Thanks for the video.

  2. This was great, thanks, been searching for "how to lose belly fat over 40" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Fanlevi Immaculate Eradicator – ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy got cool results with it.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to make this video, I really appreciate it. Great eating tips, I am definitely going to try them :o)

  4. Wow. A lot of judgmental f#ckwits commenting. To each his/her own.

  5. I actually couldn`t wait to try the diet program “fetching tuti space” for myself once I had Googled it. I was so excited. My good friend dropped 14 pounds within this plan, and I extremely recommend which you try it!

  6. I love your diet. i have been looking for something like this. i am allergic to "everything" as people joke but no laughing matter. I am allergic to eggs, dairy, shell fish, nuts and soy. the doctors wont test me for tolerances because they may find more and thus i loose more nutrients that i need. but you plan is very clean. i probably will use chicken or another lean meat protein to substitue the egg. I can use rice milk but no soy or nut based milk. hemp, pea or oat protein is good. i also will add cia seeds which i find a good source of omegas. But I did want to thank you for sharing.

  7. A friend of mine found the “lyly amazing guide” on Google. She lost 13 lbs in just a few days. My partner and i started, too; my progress has been remarkable. I cannot recommend this program enough. Search Google for “lyly amazing guide. ”

  8. I just came across your video. Thank you for your healthy meal recommendations. They all make sense.

  9. Girl you look 25 keep it up!

  10. 4 cups of coffee a day ?? Lol so acidic for the body

  11. Why is a woman in her 20's talking about women over 50?

  12. Whoops…….. Not interested in looking at a plastic doll telling me how to eat. thought this was going to be more
    to my age.

  13. Because of a friend, I looked Google for the “lyly amazing guide”. It’s certainly the best program and the best deal I’ve actually seen. My sister implemented it and dropped 5 lbs. I just started out and I’m already straight down 14 lbs.

  14. OK. That's my video. I was 55 in this video and yes, I've had a boob job and Botox. Although I no longer use Botox..

  15. Due to a friend, I researched Google for the “lyly amazing guide”. It’s definitely the best strategy and the best deal I’ve ever seen. This quickly brings outstanding results to users. I’ve already slipped 6 lbs in less than seven days.


  17. What you said about can't exercise out of a bad diet is totally 100% true. Thanks for sharing. I am switching from strict keto diet to paleo and look forward to viewing your vlogs. Thanks.

  18. is she 50 …she looks f hot

  19. Do you ever eat the oatmeal pancakes for breakfast? You mention you eat them as a snack….? I make these for breakfast with a drizzle of honey cinnimon, walnuts and berries. I also grow mint and use mint in my water with lemon and cucumber~ Happy Eating!

  20. Love this! This is very similar to how I eat <3

  21. Clean eating, as close to natural. Why is your face totally unnatural? You totally lose your credibility with that fake face, no matter how much truth you are saying.

  22. The banana/oatmeal pancakes are awesome! They are my new favorite! Thank you!

  23. Awesome video. I love seeing fitness tips geared towards older individuals.

  24. Your 50 or over ? …..you look fab no matter what age great video thanks !

  25. Nutiva hemp protein is great!  I would recommend moving away from non-organic soy products.  Almost all non-organic soybeans are genetically modified.  Have you tried almond, coconut or rice milk?

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