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Working in Mental Health | Mental Health Nursing With Anomalous Chloe

I interviewed the lovely Chloe about what it’s like working in the Mental Health sector. She had some wonderful advice to share and taught me SO much about the professional side of it all! 🎉

Video on Chloe’s channel – https://t.co/KCEf7TJlTl

Check out Chloe’s other videos on Mental Health Nursing

Previous video – 7 Easy Ways to Save the Planet in 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmVvugD3wso

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  1. from someone who's currently in a psych unit: everyone should have the utmost respect for anyone training/working as a mental health nurse. it's a hard, hard job, but the people who do it well despite the huge stresses are my true heros and deserve the world. <3

  2. are u still on antidepressants?

  3. i really enjoyed this Beth, fab vid! I subscribed -?I also make videos, maybe we can support each other💗✨

  4. Yay i love you both. Youre both so interesting .

  5. Thank you so much for this, it's exactly the advice I've been looking for and I couldn't find it anywhere! I'm currently looking at either going into clinical psych or mental health nursing and I'm quite torn between the two. I think you're both great ❤

  6. So glad we finally got to meet and film a collab! Can't wait to meet up again ❤

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